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Morning Tea [Ghost Hunt, Naru/Lin - G]

Title: Morning Tea
Fandom: Ghost Hunt
Pairing/Prompt: Naru/Lin - Domesticity; the morning light through curtains
Rating: G
Word count: ~775

Author's Note: Constructive criticism is always welcomed and appreciated.

Morning Tea

Naru opened his eyes and gazed at the darkened ceiling. He kept his breath deep and even, feigning sleep until he could ascertain why he was in a bed at all. He hated the soft feather mattresses that conformed to one's shape rather than cushioning it. He disliked the constricted feeling of blankets tucked around him just as much.

His couch was a completely different story, made for short rests and naps which suited him just fine. Naru liked sprawling out on the couch, waiting for night to turn to day.

Naru blinked and turned his head slightly to the right, recognizing the familiar pattern of shadow that slipped along the wall. It was an armoire with ornately carved sides that curved and twisted on itself. It was an heirloom from England that his mother had insisted on sending once he was established in Japan.

It was a reminder of home.

Naru turned his head to the left and kept a frown from his lips. If merely glanced at, one would assume Naru was simply restless in his sleep. It served his purpose at the moment. This was his bed, his apartment after all.

As per usual, Lin was resting in the chair next to him with his feet stretched out and a cup of tea cupped in his hand. He was gazing out the window at the rising sun that peaked just above the city skyline.

The light wash of dawn touching Naru's flesh was always a comfort although he was more used to sitting alone rather than lying on his bed with company nearby. Naru stifled a yawn. That he was waking up to the sunrise rather than going to sleep only meant one thing; Naru had collapsed again. The latest case had left little time for him to rest and it was not unusual to have it catch up upon his return to the office.

Naru approved of Lin's cautious nature that found them at home rather than the hospital. He wasn't keen on waking to Mai's worried face hovering over him rather than Lin's more reserved presence. Naru shifted unto his side, still watching his capable assistant and long-time acquaintance stare out the window. Lin's tea was barely steaming, but Lin didn't seem to care.

"It's a shame to waste good tea like that."

Lin jumped and turned, his cup held firmly in his hand. "Kazuya?"

Naru waited patiently while Lin searched his face. He sensed more than saw the relief that washed over Lin.

"Are you well?" Lin leaned back into his chair, already sure of the answer.

Naru's brow rose slightly. "Of course I am."

Lin nodded, his smile half hidden behind the fringe of hair that fell over his face. "Of course. Did you want a cup? I assure you, mine hasn't gone to waste." His eyes twinkled despite the calm look that settled over his face.

Naru sat up on the bed, pushing the coverlet down around his waist in the process. "I'll just take a sip of yours while I wait."

It was a challenge, but one without edges. Gene had often stolen sips of Lin's tea when his back was turned, when they were younger.

Lin nodded and stretched out his arm silently until Naru took it, sharing in the memory. The tea was tepid, but Naru drank it anyways. "Perfect," he murmured, sipping again. There was comfort in the familiar and often a measure of peace.

Lin smiled and stood. "I'll be just a moment."

His footsteps were inaudible as he walked out of the room, and silence descended. It wasn't long before the whistle of a kettle sounded from a far off kitchen and Lin's quiet presence inserted itself into Naru's immediate presence once again. It was just as well. Naru had long since finished Lin's tea.

Without saying a word, Lin handed Naru a fresh tea cup, exchanging it for the old. Lin's fingers briefly touched Naru's, caressing the back of his knuckles as he quickly grasped the used cup. Naru stared at his hands; Lin had been cold at first touch.

Cold, but diligent. That's was Lin through and through.

Naru wrapped his free hand around his tea, and brought the cup to his lips. The liquid pooled in his stomach, warming him even as his fingers slowly relaxed as heat was absorbed through the baked clay of his cup. He glanced at Lin's profile, his body naturally leaning towards him where he sat on the edge of the bed.

"Your tea is perfect." Naru said it simply, sincerely.

Lin sipped from his own cup. "Thank-you."

They drank again in silence.

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Jun. 12th, 2009 04:35 am (UTC)
this is very sweet
Jun. 12th, 2009 01:20 pm (UTC)
Very nice atmoshpere.
Jun. 12th, 2009 04:25 pm (UTC)
Prompter here~ thank you for writing this, I really like it. I love their understanding of each other, is so sweet. <3
Jun. 14th, 2009 02:56 am (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had a bunch of ideas, but this one kept pulling at me (even though it didn't want to get written from Lin's POV).

Thank-you for a wonderful prompt ♥ I've missed Ghost Hunt.
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