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Butterfly Wings (Transformers, Silverbolt/Motormaster)

Title: Butterfly Wings
Author: beckyh2112
Rating: PG
Word count: 310
Prompt: Transformers: Motormaster/Silverbolt : Trapped/stuck in close proximity, alone; accidental contact. : "So much that I wanna do/when I dream I'm alone with you."


Wires pulsing with energy pressed against his face, his wings, his body. All sorts of wires and cables, some thick and heavy like fire-hoses filled with water, others light as gossamer. Their energy trickled slowly into his static-battery, filling the void of expended lightning.

His armor crawled with the feel of the stolen energy, or perhaps with the dark heat from the mech pressed against his back.

He could no longer hear the growling, scrabbling din of the Sharkticons that had been chasing them. Nothing had pulled them out of the space in the ship's interior Motormaster had hewed with his sword. They might have mistaken the situation for being safe.

He shifted a foot and wound up sliding against Motormaster's cab. The truck took his hand away from Silverbolt's wing, but it was still so close vibrations kept rubbing each part together.

Their world was colored in dim blues and purples, more shadow than light. Energy hummed and crackled all around them, and he turned his head to follow the strongest line of it, nosing aside wires and cables. His shoulders pressed back against Motormaster, and he felt the truck's mouth against his cheek.

Motormaster bit down, licked the impressions he left on Silverbolt's cheek. The faint rumble of his engine vibrated through both of them.

He arched in response to the vibrations, lips parting. He undulated against the truck as Motormaster contorted them both into a kiss. Their bodies slid against each other, buzzing with the alien energy holding them in a cocoon.

The wires and cables of the Quintesson ship shifted into the space where they were not. They broke the kiss and found they could not move their heads. He felt Motormaster's smile against his lips, felt each soft wave of air as the truck spoke.

"Didn't think it'd be like this, but I'm not complaining."

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