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- Innis/Atoli, ...whatever you call Avatar/human sex, "I am always with you." [Untitled by harukami]
- Grunty sex. Bikman may have seen the secret Grunty dances, but he hadn't seen the secret Grunty orgies. [Untitled by harukami]
- Magus/Kuhn. Introducing the straight guy to pleasures he doesn't expect to like. [Untitled by Anon]
- Endrance/Haseo - forcing the more reluctant partner to top [Untitled by Anon]

Beauty and the Beast

- Beauty and the Beast, bestiality, consent [Untitled by karolja]


- Shunsui/Nanao/Ukitake, Shunsui restrained (kidou or more conventional methods) [Untitled by incandescens]
- Bleach, Byakuya/Renji, character A shows interest in character B, which makes character C realize how hot B is - Jealousy you got me somehow. [Possesion - Part I/Part II by cmc42]

Count Cain/Godchild

- Cain/Riff: Role reversal- Cain places himself entirely in Riff's hands [Untitled by relmneiko]


Crossover, Persona 3+Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Ryohei/Akihiko: "SO I HERD U LIEK BOXING?!" [Untitled by Anon]
- Persona 3/Nocturne - Collector Manikin/Akihiko - Collector fetishizing Akihiko's human body. [Untitled by emerald_embers]

Devil May Cry

"Tony"/Grue: Oral sex - Why do you look so young, why do you feel so old? [Untitled by emerald_embers]

Digital Devil Saga

- Heat/Sera - Role reversal, miscommunication, stranded together [Untitled by Anon]
- Gale/Fred - fetishizing the father figure [Part I/Part II by emerald_embers]
- Demonform/humanform sizekink, fear of being devoured. [Untitled by harukami]
- Varnani/Gale and/or Cielo [Untitled by harukami]
- Argilla gets some alone time, goes to town with her Tag Ring's optional vibrating feature while Sera secretly joins in in silence [Untitled by relmneiko]
- Argilla/Jinana - hurried sex, stimulation through clothing [Untitled in four parts by Anon]
- - Ardha/Heat. If anyone could control it, Seraph could, and he wanted hir touch more than anything. [Untitled by harukami
- Jinana/the Maribel redheaded NPC who flips when you tell her about spoiler. Pre-awakening sex "I do not know what this is." "Neither do I, but I believe that it is good." [Untitled by harukami]
- Digital Devil Saga - Gale/Heat - blood, violence, vore - Gale takes Heat up on his offer to eat him. [Untitled by emerald_embers]
- Lupa/Gale/Jenna, "he gave you honor, what have I ever given you?" [Untitled by emerald_embers]


Luggage/Librarian. I have absolutely no idea how a piece of sentient luggage and a human turned monkey ape might have sex, but if you happen to have any idea you would win at life. [Untitled by Anon]


- Ryo/Dee, bondage and gunplay. [Untitled by Anon]

Final Fantasy VI

- Edgar & Sabin Kinks: first time, twincest [Untitled by relmneiko]

Final Fantasy VII

- Sephiroth/Vincent, Kink: Hair kink [Untitled by emerald_embers]
- Sephiroth/other SOLDIERs, Kink: Strip club, "we can't take you anywhere" [Untitled by emerald_embers][Untitled #2 by Anon]
- Characters: Whomever wants to play, or gets drug in kicking and screaming. Kink: My blood runs cold/My memory has just been sold/My angel is the centerfold. [How AVALANCHE Afforded Explosives by jlsigman]
- Cloud/Sephiroth, Cloud getting a rimjob for the first time [Part I/Part II by lilymoon1]
- Dirge of Cerberus, Weiss/Nero - Tattoos -
(Weiss): Did it hurt? (Nero): No, on the contrary, it was rather sensual. [Untitled Art! by ladyofshadow]
- Sephiroth/Cloud, 'second time' sex, "Did he touch you here?" [Untitled by lilymoon1]
- Zack/Sephiroth, Sephiroth is curious about being uke. [Untitled by lilymoon1]
- Cloud/Zack/Aerith/Tifa - Most people thought that more than two, much less four, would be terribly awkward, filled with jealousy and envy and miscommunication. But the four of them just fit. Well, they did have to get a custom bed. [Untitled by Anon]
- Angeal/Sephiroth/Genesis/Cloud, Gangbang with Cloud on the bottom, consensual preferred. Bonus points if there are comparisons with Zack [Untitled by shimyaku]
- Dirge of Cerberus. Final Fantasy 7(Dirge of Cerberus)--Weiss/Nero/Shelke -- vehicle chase and/or battle leading to sex-- (Nero): "How do I look?" (Shelke): "Insane." (Nero): "Good". [This Moment by anime_angel_ash]
- Final Fantasy VII, Zack/Cloud, wingfic [Untitled by lilymoon1]
- Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud. Cloud kept as a pet, with at least a mention of age differences. [Untitled by shimyaku]
- Zack/Cloud / Claustrophilia-attraction to small, enclosed spaces [ Untitled by aikonamika

Final Fantasy IX

- FreyaxBeatrix; A Wound to heal all wounds [Untitled by Anon]

Final Fantasy XII

- Vaan/any male character. Vaan likes big dicks. [Untitled by vastempires]

Full Metal Alchemist

- Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell. Kink: Oil it up [Not As Planned by cornerofmadness]

Gundam Wing

- Zechs/Treize (6x13), Rating: NC-17++, Warnings:
Underage sex, M/M, Consensual and Nonconsensual Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Implications of Incestual Play (Dad/boy), Very Dirty Language, Discipline, VERY OOC character behavior. Word Count: 3,617
Prompt:"...Rough sex & schoolgirl outfits. Force/blackmail/drugs/alcohol involved in the achievement of the latter (and probably the former too). ♥" [Deflowering Zechs Merquis by tehbartender]

Hikaru no Go

- Akira/Hikaru, Loss of control (emotional, physical, situational, erotic, etc) [Untitled by karolja]


JE, Jin/Yamapi, role-playing gone wrong. [Untitled by vastempires)

Junjou Romantica

- Nowaki/Hiroki -- slow & gentle; show in actions if not in words how they feel - [Untitled fic in two parts by Anon]

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

- Tsuna/Gokudera, Attention (singling someone out; making a point of showing respect to or interest in someone who doesn't usually receive it) [Untitled by shimyaku][Untitled #2 by allira_dream]

Kingdom Hearts

- Organization 13/Demyx, kink+prompt: Ball-gags and the subsquent drooling, 'public' bondage. "Excessive chatter and interuptions are not acceptable during our meetings, Nine." [Untitled by Anon]
- Setzer/any Organization member, Turf/issues- "Last I checked, this is my town, not yours. Thus, I have no reason to bend my knee to you." [Untitled by kunenk]
- Sora/Riku/Kairi, Blindfolds [Untitled by Anon]
- Kingdom Hearts, Sora/Leon, AU, Sora as a kept boy/pleasure slave [Untitled (two parts) by mystiri_1]
- Axel/Roxas. Kingdom Hearts II. NC-17+, M/M, s/M, Oral, Penetration, NC-17, PWP, Lots of sex, 1,142 words.
Prompt: "consensual bondage, squirming, nipple play/torture (clamps, ice, etc) "Consider it payback for last week." [Play Time by tehbartender

Kyou Kara Maou

- Gwendal/Yozak - Bad first time sex [ There's Always a First Time (Part I and II by shayheyred]
Conrad/Yuuri, Rating: PG-15, Prompt: Self-control, touching (brief or fleeting, caresses, etc, intentional or not).
Summary: In teaching Yuuri a lesson, Conrad learns one of his own.
Link: Vice & Device by Anon]

Metal Gear Solid

- The Sorrow/The Boss. "Close quarters combat", if you know what I mean. [Untitled by emerald_embers]


- Kakashi/Iruka - a game of truth or dare - you look so fine [Untitled by Anon]

Ookiku Furikabutte

- Tajima/Hanai - As grownups, drunken sex at a club [Untitled by vastempires]
- Tajima/Hanai. kink: competition, competitive hand jobs, blow jobs and hanai is totally invested in winning. [Untitled by vastempires]
- Abe/Hanai, Tajima/Hanai. The relationship Tajima and Hanai share has taken over Abe's imagination. [Untitled by vastempires]

Persona 3

- Chidori/Shinji - she likes men with hats [Untitled by parametric]
- Minato/Persona of your choice - Sex with oneself, Xenokink. [Untitled by relmneiko][Blood Music by Anon]
- Junpei/Minato. Kinks: sex outdoors (in a hot spring), roughness and discomfort [Part I/Part II/Part III by koneko_zero]
- Shinjiro/Akihiko, Make-up sex in a public place [Not Talking About It - Part I/Part II by threewalls]
- Shinjiro/Akihiko - First kiss - You don't want to hurt me/But see how deep the bullet lies. [ Fearful Protection - Part I/Part II/Part III by strawberrysmirk]
Ryoji/Shinjiro - Bargaining with death. [Time Out - Part I/Part II/Part III/Part IV by Anon]
- Mianto/Persona of your choice - sex with oneself, xenokink [ Blood Music by Anon]
- Kenji/Junpei/Akinari/Akihiko/Shinji/etc/Minato, Kink: The boys attempt to figure out how many cocks Minato can take. [Untitled by emerald_embers]

Pirates of the Caribbean

- Elizabeth/Tia Dalma. Fascination. "The existence of the sea means the existence of pirates". [Untitled by emerald_embers]

Prince of Tennis

- Tenipuri! Anyone having sex in the Bird's Nest... Or I suppose an Olympic tennis court will do too. Exhibitionism optional. [Untitled by cloudednine]
- fujixtezuka. fuji sticking cactus spines in places that hurt. ♥ take that in as perverted a fashion as you please. [Part I/Part II by Anon]

Revolutionary Girl Utena

- Akio/Anthy. Swords as phallic symbolism, different forms of penetration distract her. [Untitled by harukami]
- Juri/Kozue: Rough/angry sex- "Bitch" [Untitled by relmneiko]


- Hakkai/Gojyo, anonymous male character(s)/Gojyo: cuckold fetish. it's a rare favor, but Hakkai has a kink for watching Gojyo being taken in front of him. sometimes Gojyo indulges it. [Part I/Part II]
- Sanzo/Goku, AU, speakeasy [ Bamboozled in 5 parts by rroselavy]
- Saiyuki, Hakkai/Gojyo, Gojyo/women (and Kanzeon): AU. Cho Hakkai is directing a porno with famed porn star Sha Gojyo. Co-starring actresses include Lirin, Yaone, Kanan, Gyoukumen Kousho, and a special cameo by Kanzeon. [Untitled by Anon]
- yokkai!Hakkai and Sanzo (I have seen this done with goyjo but never sanzo!) biting, licking, gunkink, tattoo (well, vine markings in this case) tracing... [Of Guns and Vines (in four parts) by Anon]
- Goku/Gojyo, big brother, hurt/comfort kink [Untitled by Anon]
- Sanzo/Gojyo, NC-17. Prompt was: Saiyuki, Sanzo/Gojyo. Competition. [ Ale Haze (ficlet in 2 parts) by Anon]
- Gojyo/Goku. Prompt was 'big brother, hurt/comfort kink'
Summary: Being a road rat is tough. Sometimes a guy seeks physicality anywhere he can get it. [Road Rats by Anon (NC-17)
- Goku/Sanzo, Gojyo/Sanzo, Hakkai/Sanzo, NC-17. Kinks: Sanzo in a schoolgirl uniform, spreader bar, bondage, dubious consent, tentacles. Also includes implied first time, a bit of rough sex, gang-bang.
Summary: Almost three years since the ikkou had left Chang'an, and it was time to turn the tables. ["Fucked: A Symphony in Four Movements" by Anon]
- Sanzo/Goku. Prompt: Goku in a schoolgirl outfit, complete with frilly panties, driving Sanzo to distraction, pushing his buttons until he cracks. Bonus for sextoys and bondage. ["Fucking Schoolgirls" (NC-17)

Samurai Champloo

- Jin/Mugen - body swap - When I think about you I touch myself [Untitled by Anon]

Sapphire and Steel

- Sapphire and Steel, "sex? what is this act of which you speak?" [Untitled by thesilentpoet]

Sex Pistols

- Norio/Kunimasa - come-marking [Untitled by vastempires]

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

- Dante/Nyx: Flirting - "So a devil hunter walks into a bar..." [Untitled by emerald_embers][ Bar Room Blitz - Part 1/Part II/ Part III By Anon]
- Futomimi/Sakahagi - Noncon - You were born beautiful, and it went downhill from there. [Untitled by emerald_embers]
- Demi-Fiend/Futomimi - Hair worship [Untitled by Anon]
- the Demifiend/the Collector Manikin - sex as a business transaction, fetishization of physical deformity or difference [Untitled by Anon]
- Shu/Collector Manikin - Falling in love with the most human creature left. [Untitled by harukami]
- Isamu/his hat - taking love of fashion too far [Untitled by Anon]
- Futomimi/Shu - First kiss. [Untitled by emerald_embers]
- Chaos Hero/Neutral Hero - Chaos Hero is an hermaphrodite since his fusion [Untitled by relmneiko]


- Richard/Alec. Blowjob. Color, taste, hunger." [Untitled by harukami]


- Optimus Prime x Starscream. male pregnancy - "Did you just lay an EGG?!"
[ Unbreached Hull by Anon]

The Wallflower

- Sunako/Kyohei. "Blindfolds were the only way she could bear his beauty that close." [Untitled by anenko]


- Milly/Meryl, anime-verse. Hos before bros, Wolfwood was a shitty lay anyway [Untitled by emerald_embers]
- Wolfwood/Vash , scar worship [ Untitled by vastempires]

Weiss Kreuz

- Schuldig/Yohji, biting/possessiveness [Untitled by lilymoon1]
- Aya/Sakura - "awkward, unpleasant first-time sex." [When You Say Goodbye star_of_heaven]
- Aya/Ran, incest [Untitled by golden_purple18]
- Aya/Yohji, striptease [Untitled by Anon]
- Crawford/Yohji and/or Schuldig/Yohji. Prompt: AU, Yohji is a succubus and needs to be fucked to feed (sex with women or being top doesn't still his hunger) [Untitled by wk_recomend]
- Farfarello/Schuldig, sex in prison [Untitled by ladyofshadow]
- Crawford/Schuldig. prompt: mpreg. happy families. psychic ability isn't the only quirk of the Schwarz agents. [Untitled by Anon]
- Schuldig/Yohji. Prompt + Kink: Yohji enjoys being Schuldig's prisoner, Stockholm syndrome [Untitled by Anon]

Yami no Matsuei

- Tsuzuki/Hisoka. Tsuzuki uses a dildo on Hisoka to get him used to penetration without fear, Hisoka blows Tsuzuki. [Untitled by karolja]
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