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Kink Meme 8-8-2008

So we're having the kink meme to end all kink meme (at least I'd like to think so). And we need your help to make it a success.

In honor of the Olympics, Em and I are hosting, what we hope will be, the biggest and grandest kink party ever and you're all invited. All you need to do is think up the dirtiest, smutiest, most likely to produce the yummiest porn requests (in 24 words or less) and leave it as an anonymous comment to this post. All comments will be screened, with the reveal taking place at noon tomorrow. Our goal is to reach 24 (3 x8 = August 8th, 2008 - yes, I'm corny like that) pages of panty-wetting goodness by the time we reach the 11:59 PM EST mark on Sunday. Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to help us reach our target.

Here are the rules, my lovelies.

This is how it works:

* Post an anonymous request here. All requests will be screened until noon tomorrow. Don't forget to include fandom, characters and kink, the rest is up to you. However, prompts must be 24 words or less. {Check out this list for ideas}

* Any and all ratings, pairings and fandoms welcome.

* Requests for art can be made and we definitely encourage our artists to participate if they have the time and are inspired by any of the prompts. [LEAVE EACH REQUEST AS A COMMENT]

* Everyone's invited and more than one person can take on a prompt.
See four responses to a prompt, but want to add your own point of view? Bring it on! There can never be enough porn written for this comm, ladies and gents!

* Please please please no bashing or rude comments. Your squick may be someone else's bulletproof kink. And dude, we're here for the party, so if you have nothing constructive to say, move along!

* Once you're replied to a request, please drop us a link here as a anonymous comment. Em and I would like to keep track of all fic and art posted as we attempt to reach our target.

* A reveal will take place in which authors/artists will take off their virtual masks and reveal their true identity to the readers.

Spread the word! Smut will rule the world! At least for this weekend.



Aug. 10th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)
Silence is porn-star tan.
"- Gag him."

Demyx blinks, and has a second to wonder if Xemnas is serious before Xigbar disappears in a portal- and then there are hands yanking down his hood and some thing forcing his jaws open and Xemnas was plenty serious. He's not personally familiar with them but he knows a ball gag when it's prying his mouth open and being fastened at the back of his neck, pulling his fucking hair.

He protests, as loudly as he can in the situation, eyes darting to the indifference on some faces and the all-too obvious interest on the rest. Axel is smirking, bastard. Xigbar is smirking too, he's sure of it, but can't see it because there's a hand reaching for his zipper and gee, it might be a good idea to fight back, but Xemnas is still staring at him and he doesn't care whether they have hearts or not, the Superior is just creepy.

His coat is being yanked downward, inside-out over itself and his arms and he can't move his elbows- can't move his arms higher than his stomach. The noise suppressed by the gag is something like 'mmmmhfff- mmmMMMMmmmmmm' and Xigbar tweaks one of his exposed nipples.

"Now what's the point if you could just reach up and yank it out again, huh?"

Xigbar licks the rim of his ear, in front of all the rest of them, and it's surreal, it's more fucking surreal than the fact that they can travel long distances through holes in reality and that Demyx can pull his sitar out of nowhere and Saix' hair is blue.

Xigbar goes back to his own chair.

Demyx sits there, exposed (not that he can work up enough indignation to blush) and vulnerable (not that he can feel the dread he thinks should be pooling in his stomach) and the meeting continues.

He thinks about calling a Dusk for help 'mmmph-mppph-mmmff'. Yeah right. He thinks about slipping back to the room they gave him, but he got gagged and a little stripped for talking too much and he's pretty sure they want him to stick around and be punished.

So he sits there, and damn it's cold in the room and if Axel never noticed before, he sure as hell does now because he's staring. At Demyx' chest. At his tight nipples.

Finally, finally the meeting ends. Lexaeus and Xaldin leave but Xigbar's still there, still leering, and Axel's stuck around, and the rest are looking at him like they're thinking very hard and (oh shit, oh shit) Xemnas gives him a long look before leaning slightly toward Xigbar and saying, "Leave him gagged for the duration."

Xigbar grimaces. "It's a waste of a perfectly good hole."

"What you do on your own time is of no matter to me, II," before he leaves.

Demyx paid so much attention to that little exchange that he didn't notice Vexen rolling his eyes and calling a portal-

"Aww, Vex- c'mon. You don't think he's cute?"

There's something obscene about the way Xigbar says 'cute', and every other endearment.

"I do not perform for you, Xigbar."

"I hear tell you don't perform at all!" is the parting shot and Vexen's gone. Vexen's reaction gave Zexion something to think about and he's leaving by the door at the base of his throne. Demyx never saw him move, but swears he heard something like 'another time' and if he weren't still watching the three left his reaction would be something like 'WHAT?'

Xigbar turns to the other two Neophytes. "Well?"

"Hell," Axel drawls, "I love a good show."

Saix doesn't look anywhere as enthusiastic but, "If the Superior wills it."

Demyx isn't sure if he'd like to feel worse about this. Then Xigbar's gone, and back, and there are hands under his armpits, dragging him out of his throne and the Freeshooter's voice in his ear. "I think we might ride the duration out and right into free time, Nocturne. By the time we're done with that gag, well damn- I'll be out of lube. Saliva works if you don't have better."

Shit. His voice is sexy when it's low. Demyx' cock twitches slightly as Xigbar opens a portal.

"Follow us back to my room, boys-"

Axel and Saix open portals and disappear into them.

It could have been worse, Demyx realizes. What if they weren't planning to use lube at all?
Aug. 16th, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)
Reader anon thinks
...that this is fun and hot and 'mmmph-mppph-mmmff' poor(?) Demyx. ♥

reader anon is also holding out hope that there might be a sequel. :3



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