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Kink Meme 8-8-2008

So we're having the kink meme to end all kink meme (at least I'd like to think so). And we need your help to make it a success.

In honor of the Olympics, Em and I are hosting, what we hope will be, the biggest and grandest kink party ever and you're all invited. All you need to do is think up the dirtiest, smutiest, most likely to produce the yummiest porn requests (in 24 words or less) and leave it as an anonymous comment to this post. All comments will be screened, with the reveal taking place at noon tomorrow. Our goal is to reach 24 (3 x8 = August 8th, 2008 - yes, I'm corny like that) pages of panty-wetting goodness by the time we reach the 11:59 PM EST mark on Sunday. Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to help us reach our target.

Here are the rules, my lovelies.

This is how it works:

* Post an anonymous request here. All requests will be screened until noon tomorrow. Don't forget to include fandom, characters and kink, the rest is up to you. However, prompts must be 24 words or less. {Check out this list for ideas}

* Any and all ratings, pairings and fandoms welcome.

* Requests for art can be made and we definitely encourage our artists to participate if they have the time and are inspired by any of the prompts. [LEAVE EACH REQUEST AS A COMMENT]

* Everyone's invited and more than one person can take on a prompt.
See four responses to a prompt, but want to add your own point of view? Bring it on! There can never be enough porn written for this comm, ladies and gents!

* Please please please no bashing or rude comments. Your squick may be someone else's bulletproof kink. And dude, we're here for the party, so if you have nothing constructive to say, move along!

* Once you're replied to a request, please drop us a link here as a anonymous comment. Em and I would like to keep track of all fic and art posted as we attempt to reach our target.

* A reveal will take place in which authors/artists will take off their virtual masks and reveal their true identity to the readers.

Spread the word! Smut will rule the world! At least for this weekend.



Aug. 9th, 2008 01:24 am (UTC)
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: 393
Prompt: Goku in a schoolgirl outfit, complete with frilly panties, driving Sanzo to distraction, pushing his buttons until he cracks. Bonus for sextoys and bondage.
Aug. 20th, 2008 02:48 pm (UTC)
Saiyuki, "Fucking Schoolgirls", Sanzo/Goku, NC-17. Part I.
Sanzo can hear him scuffing about outside his study but doesn't look up from the paperwork he jabs at with his pen. Stupid ink's running out. What remains seems intent on coming out in blobs and splatters, making a royal mess where his signature should be.

“Oy, stop idling out there and get me another pen.” Only thirty more documents to pass then he can quit for the night, find himself a cool spot to sit and drink an even cooler beer. “Did you hear me, Goku?”

Not 'monkey' any more, not since India and that last black night. The moniker lurks in Sanzo's mind but every time he goes to say it he stops and thinks of India, thinks 'Goku' is more fitting for a man who's walked through hell at his arm and come out the other side with his sanity intact.

Shuffle, scuff – Goku's still nearby. Maybe he hasn't heard. Shuffle, scuff – but he sounds different, though Sanzo can't pinpoint why or how. Doesn't care. There's too much tedious paperwork to finish.


It's like the sound of something soft being rubbed, maybe. Something soft against something soft. What the hell? Like fabric through fingertips, or linen draped around a body that's moving with the grace of a cat.

That's when Goku appears in the doorway.

He might as well be a fork of lightning or a bullet fired from a gun. The impact of disbelief that barrels into Sanzo would've no doubt sent him to the flagstones were he not sitting down.

“What in the name of blue fuck are you wearing?” The words come out slow and dark, but weaker than Sanzo intends.

Adjusting the little skirt around his trim waist, Goku stares at him. “You don't like it?” Skirt might be too liberal – that thing is no more than a freaking belt, barely coming to the tops of Goku's thighs. From his vantage point Sanzo sees a tease of white frilly silk and the bulge of balls encased within, just below the grey hem. Gaze travelling up a notch, he snaps his mouth shut at the sight of the long, thick hard line pushing the skirt outward. “Thought you might wanna try somethin' different,” Goku adds with a smile blooming.

Something different is putting it mildly; this is something else. The startlement of Goku in a small pleated school skirt and a white blouse that's too tight to be legal begins to drop away, and suspicion takes its place.

“You've been talking to that damn kappa, haven't you?” Sanzo says. “Is this one of his ideas? I'll kill his worthless ass if it is.”

Goku's eyebrows shoot up. “No! I read about this in a magazine, 's all.”

Now it's Sanzo who raises an eyebrow. Given their temple surroundings, he fails to see where Goku would stumble upon such a magazine.

“Not here,” Goku explains quickly. “At uh... Gojyo's place.”

“I knew it.” Sanzo's jaw muscles work tightly in his face. “I knew that bastard had a hand in this.”

“Aw, c'mon, Sanzo. It wasn't like Gojyo told me to read it. He was out takin' a slash an' I just picked up a mag from his dresser.”

Oh, so Goku's been gleaning tips from Gojyo's dodgy porn stash, has he? Sanzo isn't a hundred percent surprised – where the kappa and porn are concerned, anything is possible. “You look–” hot, he looks fucking hot and you know it, your dick knows it, “–ridiculous,” Sanzo tells him, ignoring the twitch of tension in his lap, the way his balls tighten. “I have too much work to do without random pantomimes. Go get me another pen.”

“But I went an' got this especially from town! I even picked out shoes. But I nearly broke my neck when I tried walking in 'em. So I might hafta practice–”
Aug. 20th, 2008 02:49 pm (UTC)
Saiyuki, "Fucking Schoolgirls", Sanzo/Goku, NC-17. Part II.
“There will be no practising of any girly prancing. Pen.” Sanzo hears Goku nearing the desk, hears the swish of his frilly panties beneath the caress of the skirt. “Now. Don't make me shoot you.” In the thigh, the deeply tanned length of toned, sinewy thigh that flashes before Sanzo's eyes. Goku reaches the desk, stops. “Pen.” It comes out sounding lame and Sanzo wishes he could take it back.

“Whoa, you do like it!” There's no need to look up – Sanzo can hear Goku's grin in his tone. “I thought so, when I came in. You looked all squirmy.”

“I did not look 'squirmy'. I do not squirm, idiot.” Dry swallowing as inaudibly as possible, Sanzo clenches his fists on the tabletop. In his periphery, he can still see the shape Goku's crotch makes in that mini skirt, it's right there across the desk; he can see the hard cock pushing that infernal fabric heavenward.

A long, pleased sign meets this observation, as if Goku read his mind.

“I'm so bored, though, an' I wanna see you. It's been four days an' you've worked every night an' been too tired. I just... wanted you ta want me.” Rounding the desk, Goku comes to stand beside Sanzo's chair.

“Did you ever wonder why I'm working so hard?” Sanzo pushes out between his teeth, not feeling the thrum of Goku's body, not sensing the heat flushing over him, the scent of arousal – there's probably a little dot of precome staining those panties, but Sanzo doesn't let his mind go there. Oh, hell, but it already has – in brilliant technicolour clarity. “If I don't get these documents signed and filed you won't see me for four weeks, not four days. Do you have any idea how many events the Sanbutsushin have forced me to organise because everyone else around here is too damn incompetent?”

“Yeah, but what's one night?” Goku asks, dropping his voice to a soft rumble. “Just an hour or two. I want you so bad, Sanzo.”

Penless, Sanzo has sweet bugger-all to do with his hands to keep his fingernails from breaking through the skin of his palm where he's squeezed them. Goku takes a step closer, nudges his groin against Sanzo's arm. Thick, musky arousal fills Sanzo's senses and he closes his eyes.

“Go jerk off or something.”

“Nah, much rather you do it. You can fuck me any way you want, too.”

“I'd fuck you any way I want anyway,” Sanzo tells him, then realises he's letting Goku distract him. “Go away.”

“I can't. Not when you're already hard. Did ya think I didn't notice that?” Goku runs a hand over Sanzo's shoulder, easing him back in his chair. “You're so big, there's no way I'd miss it. You won't get anythin' done now, right?”

“Quit telling me what I will and will not do.” Sanzo has his pride to think about. What does it make him if he goes bending Goku over at his every beck-and-call? Just what does that reduce him to, Goku's toy? Tool? No way in hell.


Goku seizes the opportunity to swing one leg over Sanzo's lap and straddle him. The immediate weight of his body presses down on Sanzo's dick and tears a gasp from his throat. Goku squirms, rocks back and forth, humps up and down on Sanzo's cock and oh holy fuck that friction is fucking incredible. Heavens above.

“You've succeeded,” Sanzo says between gasps, “at being a pain in my ass.”

“Ohh,” Goku groans, thrusting against him, “I'd rather have you in my ass. Feel so good.”

Of course it would, it always does. Sanzo wrenches his arm around Goku's back and bucks his hips upward, because really, there's no way he's going to get anything else done right now, not now he's rock hard and aching. Damn Goku for using his own body against him.

“Fuck, yeah.” Goku tears at Sanzo's robe, but Sanzo pushes his hands off. Instead, he rips the tight white blouse open, exposing a flat plane of chest and stomach that's a rich coffee-and-milk colour, taut with muscle and hard as board. Dark nipples pebble eagerly in the air and Sanzo's cock throbs at the sight, at the memory of the taste of Goku's skin. This won't take long.
Aug. 20th, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC)
Saiyuki, "Fucking Schoolgirls", Sanzo/Goku, NC-17. Part III.
Ignoring the clinking of buttons hitting the stone floor, Sanzo yanks Goku's blouse over his shoulders and down his arms. At his wrists, Sanzo stops and twists up the material.

“Hey, what–” Goku begins, trying to get his arms out of the sleeves, but Sanzo has twisted them tight, binding Goku's hands behind his back. The cock pressed firmly to his stomach jerks in response. “Sanzo...”

“Shut up,” Sanzo tells him, pushing him back against the edge of the desk, golden-brown body long and lean and on display. With an appraising run of his eyes over Goku's flesh, Sanzo tugs the hem of the skirt up, settling it at Goku's hips.

Beneath, the panties are indeed wet with precome, a spreading circle at the darkest point where the head of Goku's cock strains and leaks. With a slow stroke, Sanzo traces the rigid line through the silk, the whisper of his fingers soon drowned out by Goku's groan.

“Oh, ohh, Sanzo. Gonna come, I'mgonnacome...”

“Don't you dare,” Sanzo growls, releasing Goku's hard shaft and ignoring the frustrated noise Goku makes low in his throat. “You don't get off that easily.”

“Funny!” Goku pants. “For you, that was pretty good.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” The warning tone is kind of ruined by the eagerness with which Sanzo struggles his robes out from beneath the crush of Goku's body, parting the fabric at the groin and then attacking his denims to get them open. Without bothering to push his jeans down very far, Sanzo pulls his cock free, sighing at the release, but looking forward to putting it somewhere much tighter and hotter and grasping.

Instead of drawing the panties down, Sanzo merely pulls the silk crotch roughly, tearing the delicate weave. Goku's cock springs free and bobs dark red, wet and shining.

“I wanna feel you in me. Fuck up into me.” The blouse bonds hinder Goku's movement, but he's able to wriggle.

“Too raw,” Sanzo tells him, even though the prospect of burying his dick far up inside Goku is just about the hottest thing he can think of at that moment.

“Not raw,” Goku whispers, looking at him with large, smoldering eyes. “Took care of it before I came in here.”

If Sanzo wasn't so turned on, he might have clipped him around the ear for being so damn presumptuous. But it's a redundant reaction, unimportant. Clapping his hands around Goku's ass and squeezing his firm cheeks, Sanzo lifts him up a little way, then slowly lowers him, until the head of his prick nudges against crinkled resistance.

That resistance only holds for a heartbeat; soon Goku is opening for him, spreading out around the head of his cock, seeming to suck it inside and swallow him. Fire spreads in Sanzo's gut and groin and his balls are solid, about ready to burst.

He looks up into Goku's face and sees pain and adoration, hears dirty endearments slide from Goku's lips, unguarded in their intimacy. Goku tells him in no uncertain terms what he wants Sanzo to do, but Sanzo hears it through layers of heat and tight and fuck-fuck yes, there, clench – he thinks he might melt, might combust inside Goku's searing ass.

“Fuck me so hard I can't walk,” Goku says in a gruff voice, right against his mouth. Then he's kissing Sanzo, open-mouthed and slick and ravenous, talking and kissing and groaning. The lower noises, the ones Sanzo feels in his chest, are just as agreeable, just as desperate. Deep up inside Goku's grasping hole Sanzo's cock spurts precome and he thinks that's it – any second. But not before Goku rocks on his lap, before he starts bouncing, pumping his ass up and down Sanzo's shaft like some crazy, greedy thing.
Aug. 20th, 2008 02:51 pm (UTC)
Saiyuki, "Fucking Schoolgirls", Sanzo/Goku, NC-17. Part IV.
The fire is drawn a little higher, a little hotter in Sanzo's body, the heat swelling to consuming point. Against his stomach, he feels Goku's erection nudging with every pump of his hips. Sanzo seeks it out with his hand, keeping the other firmly around Goku's asscheek. One quick tug on Goku's solid damp length and he crashes, spurting hot and hard over Sanzo's fingers and splashing his robe, too.

Goku's a shuddering, clenching mass of moans and curses in his arms. The momentum he'd began falters and Sanzo finds himself thrusting up as hard as he can, fucking his cock up into Goku as deep as Goku will take him. On his lap, Goku shivers and sways, but he's too far gone, too caught up in orgasm to be much help. The skirt slips down over Sanzo's hand and Sanzo gives one final, hard thrust, while pulling Goku down against him.

He buries his face against a hot, sweaty shoulder as he comes. It seems to go on for hours, years, before he can breathe again. The fire pulses out in bursts, blacks out Sanzo's vision for a few heartbeats, then subsides in a rolling wave of euphoria.

“Ohh that was the best.” Goku pants fast against his ear. “The best.”

“Fucking schoolgirls,” Sanzo replies, and he feels Goku laughing, feels it shaking them both. A curl of his mouth, then he pushes Goku back so he can get some more breathing room. A bleary face looks down at him, a dopey grin plastered to it.

“Now, sod off and let me do my work.”

“Aw, shit. Okay.” Goku sets his feet down on the floor and rises. As he does, Sanzo's cock slips free, the skirt falls down around Goku's groin, and the remains of the frilly panties drop onto the floor. With a little struggle, Goku gets his hands out of the blouse sleeves, then throws the cotton over his shoulder. Sanzo doubts the blouse or the panties will be repairable, then wonders why he should care, pretends it's not a regretful pang he feels as he steps over the torn silk on the floor and heads for the bathroom.

Sanzo doesn't know about fucking schoolgirls, but Goku does him just fine.

Aug. 20th, 2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Saiyuki, "Fucking Schoolgirls", Sanzo/Goku, NC-17. Part IV.
OP here ... You've completely, totally made my day. Or week. Oh hell, the whole fraking month of August.

**is ded from teh hott**

I love you, no really *^___^*
Aug. 20th, 2008 11:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Saiyuki, "Fucking Schoolgirls", Sanzo/Goku, NC-17. Part IV.
Oh - that was beyond what I'd hoped. Not the original requester but someone who's been waiting!

Magma hot. wOOt. Now I must take a test. Thanks for distracting me. :P



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