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Daphne in the wood

Drift [Baccano! Nice/Jacuzzi, G]

Title - Drift
Author/Artist - timmesque
Ratings -
Word Count - 173
Summary - Baccano!, Nice/Jacuzzi: tango, "It took some persuading to get Jacuzzi to lead"

Jacuzzi was not a dancer. He knew this very well. He didn't have the gracefulness to twist his body in the right direction which let his body dip perfectly, nor did he bend his knees well enough to slide against his partner. He stumbled, he fell, he often scrapped his knee against the floor and cried while the others fetched him bandages and Nice cradled his head against her chest, her deft fingers running through his hair and her voice filling his ears in soothing tones.  Nice always kept trying, but Jacuzzi had some measure of respect and after a while , he simply gave up.

So when Nice called him up to the dance floor, he was suitably flustered and unresponsive.

"N-Nice, y-y-you c-can't e-e-e-expect me t-t-t-o--,"

Nice wouldn't force him into doing something he didn't want to, but he could see the hope fading dimly in her eyes and her hand slowly let him, letting the fear win over them both--

And he grabs her hand and says calmly, "I'll lead."

Tags: baccano, timmesque

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