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All In A Day's Work [Ghostbusters, Ray+Egon+Peter+Winston, PG-13]

Title: "All In A Day's Work"
Author: n_finitefangirl
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing, some smoking, takes place 20 years after the second movie, slight crossover (free e-cookies if you guess correctly!)
Word Count: 895
Summary: Just another “Save The World” scenario for the boys...even if it’s the first one for the new generation of Ghostbusters.
Author’s Notes: Yes, the guys are only friends in this story (sorry!). Yes, Peter ended up marrying Dana in this future-verse. Yes, all the kids--except for the newcomer--call each of the original Ghostbusters “uncle” if he's not their actual father, since their families are close friends of each other. No, I don’t know if Oscar really is Peter’s biological son to begin with. I have to rewatch the movie to double-check that. And to the prompter--I apologize for basing it more on the movies than the cartoon series; I haven't watched the latter in a very long time, and my memories' a bit fuzzy on the details.

Peter sighed as he looked at the tall building in front of him. “To think that this is practically the same building we tackled 25 years ago... Amazing what a little renovation could do to fool people, huh?” He quipped, glancing at his companions.

“Well, technically, the old building was demolished,” Egon stated. “The problem is that someone thought that they could rebuild it with only some changes that they thought would keep people from channeling spiritual energies through it.”

“Yeah, well, they should’ve talked to us first if they really wanted it done right,” Ray remarked, teeth grinding into the butt of his cigar.

“Either way, we got a helluva mess on our hands,” Winston pointed out as he pulled on his elbow pads, “so we gotta go in there and clean it out of all those demons and other spiritual crap that the damn bastard summoned.”

“And said bastard just happens to be ol’ Vigo--who, incidentally, was reborn into a boy that could harness a looootta spiritual and magical power,” Peter added, “and who almost possessed lil Oscar when we first ran into him.” He sighed and grumbled beneath his breath, "Brilliant."

“Gee, thanks for reminding me, dad,” A young, male drawled on the com-link, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Hey, hey, hey! Save the attitude for the enemy,” Peter scolded his kid thru the mic on his headset.

“Are you guys in position yet?” Ray asked through his mic.

“We’ve been in position for the past ten minutes, Papa,” A female spoke up. “I dunno ‘bout you guys, but I’m ready to rush in there and bust some ass!”

“Oi! Don’t be leaving us behind again, Shea!” Another female protested.

“Yeah! Don’t be tearing through our claim of the glory!” Another male added.

“Alright, kids, settle down,” Peter commented in his usual “fatherly” tone. “There’s no need to fight each other when we have a city to save.”

“Sorry, Uncle,” came the chorus reply.

“Father?” a third female quietly spoke.

“Yes, Evelyn?” Egon replied.

“You...all four of you seem...unusually calm before this supernatural storm brewing before us. Are you really not that scared, or...”

“If we’re just that good at hiding our fears?” Ray finished for her.

“Yes... I’m sorry if I seem foolish for asking--“

“No, no--not at all! We completely understand your feelings at this moment!” Ray reassured her. “We felt the exact same way when we had to deal with Gozer the Destroyer.”

“Which was only the first time out of...four times we saved the world?” Peter asked Egon.

“The current situation would make it the fifth time, according to my calculations.”

“Waitasec!” A new, male voice popped up on the com-link. “You’re saying that, as a Ghostbuster, we may have to save the world every five years?”

“Yeah, that’s the apparent curse on the company, Donny,” Ray sighed as he shrugged on his power pack. Then, he smiled and went on to say, “But it’s not so bad. We get to remind the city every now and then that we’re still around, and that we’re the first, last, and only line of defense against supernatural threats. The people love us, kids want to grow to be just like us--“

“And we get nice, fat paychecks after we kick some evil butt.”

Egon smiled. “I was wondering when Peter would bring money into the conversation.”

Winston chuckled and grinned. “Guess it wouldn’t be him if he didn’t, huh?”

“No…then we would have to wonder if he’s possessed, under mind control, or has been replaced with a doppelganger,” Egon agreed with a straight face.

Peter look at those two, then sighed and shook his head. “I love working with friends--don’t you, Ray?” he drawled sarcastically.

“It certainly keeps things interesting,” Ray agreed, though he was grinning amusingly.

Rumbles of thunder suddenly drew their attention to the top of the building, where dark clouds started to form out of the clear, blue skies.

“Alright, everyone--sound off full names and positions! Peter Venkman at the front!”

“Ray Stantz at the front!”

“Egon Spengler at the front!”

“Winston Zeddmore at the front!”

“Shea Stantz at the rear!”

“Oscar Venkman at the rear!”

“Natalia Zeddmore at the rear!”

“Marcus Zeddmore from below!”

“Evelyn Spengler from below!”

“Donatello Hamato from below!”

As each person made his or her sound off, he or she flipped on the power pack he or she carried, the sound carrying over the com-link they all shared.

“All right, here’s the plan,” Ray ordered everyone. “First off, Shea’s group will go first and lead all the physical threats away so that the group from below would surprise the stranglers. Then, the front group would sneak in, join up with the rear group, and together, work our way up the floors until we find Vigo.”

“Then, we’ll kick his sorry ass all the way back to the hellhole he crawled out of, with Donny’s group bringing up the rear and making sure that we don’t get surprised from behind,” Peter added.

Egon then spoke up, “Just remember one very important thing, everyone...”

“Don’t cross the streams,” Everyone chorused.

“Right! On my mark, Shea’s group will make the first attack. You guys ready?” Ray inquired.

“Ready and waiting!” Shea replied. “Let’s do this, Papa!”

Ray closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “All right...on my mark! 3...2...1...mark!
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