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Alleyway [Romeo x Juliet, Tybalt/Francisco, PG-13]

Title: "Alleyway"
Author/Artist: timmesque
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Implied sex
Word count: 214
Summary: June 4th - Romeo x Juliet, Tybalt/Francisco: hair-grab, sex in a semi-public place - "Before it fell, the city was a filthy place"

By timmesque

Verona crawls. It's a live, dirty thing, the way the roads twisted around themselves, choking out the space and air as they twined against the dusty buildings, cobwebbed in nature. It's only in the day when the city spins its own glow, the rich world living, breathing. In the night, it dies, so softly and so ugly that you take a breath and it reeks to high heaven.

It was in this dismal state where Francisco found a distraught Tybalt. They didn't talk, didn't even meet each other eyes when Tybalt shoved Francisco against the wall and tore at his neck like an animal. And really, Francisco thought, that's all Tybalt has been. Wild, fatalistic, with those bright gleaming eyes staring down your sins the way a wolf stares down his prey.

Francisco felt Tybalt graze his hips, lower and lower and he bit his lip to keep the silence. The walls clung to his back, slick and oily, just like the city, full of dirt in corners. When Tybalt reaches his destination, Francisco tugged his hair to meet those feral eyes.

"Don't," he said calmly, "Not here."

Tybalt's lips curled, "Why not?"

"It's not proper," Francisco gasped, his fingers clinging to Tybalt's scalp, "Stop!"

Tybalt's face tightened and he replied, "It's perfect for a night and a city like this."

And he laughed.
Tags: romeo x juliet, timmesque

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