July 3rd, 2007


Freedom Run (Xigbar/Xaldin)

Author: belladonna12
Rating: PG-13/ very mild R (Curse word)
Word count: 645
Summary: There was a chance they’d make it. Slim, but a chance.
A/N: … Lord knows what possessed me to think I could write a Xaldin/Xigbar pairing, even an AU one. Please forgive me if I mangle this beyond all reason. And if you want an idea of where the inspiration for this storyline came from, read Tanith Lee’s ‘The Silver Metal Lover’.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Kingdom Hearts 2, nor am I making any money off of this.
Prompt: 39 Kingdom Hearts 2, Xaldin/Xigbar: AU – “Going for the border/They’ll never catch us.”

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      Title: Double Jeopardy
      Author: fromherashes
      Rating: R, possibly light NC-17
      Warnings: Yaoi, non-con themes, language
      Summary: Written for July 2nd prompt #33 - Marluxia/Axel: Aphrodisiac - "A rose by any other name would smell so sweet"
      A/N: I didn't sign up to write this, but neither did anyone else last I checked (I currently have spotty, slow internet access), and I was suddenly bit by the plot.  Hopefully no one will mind a little unexpected kinking?

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[SE] Soul&Maka - summer heat

GetBackers (Kazuki/Juubei)

Title: leading the blind
Author: reversedhymnal
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: blindfolds? :D
Word count: 1,150
Summary: Trust.
A/N: I AM SO SORRY. ;_; This is very much so late, and I knew I was going to be away, but I thought I had plans! Plans so that I could make it work! ;_; Sadly, those plans fell through. BUT I AM HERE NOW. And I bring fic, ♥ Please enjoy~ ETA: oh fuck i'm sorry about that lj-cut mishap. >.< just got off the plane so i'm a bit more stupid than usual. SORRY. D:

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Queen of the Skies

Dragon Quest VIII (Angelo/witch)

Title: Black Magic
Author/Artist: queenoftheskies
Rating: R
Warnings: explicit sex
Word count: 752
Summary: A witch uses sex magic on captive Angelo in order to keep herself young and beautiful.
Prompt: #13. Dragon Quest VIII, Angelo/witch: Amnesia/clouded memories coming back piecemeal - "Her green eyed glare summoned memories of the brother he didn't know he had."
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Bardicsidhe: My very own icon!

Hot Fuzz (Nicholas/Danny)

Title: Switch-off Therapy
Author: skitz_phenom
Rating: R-ish - barely
Word Count: 2,466
Warnings: Uh, schmootzy fluff.
Summary: Nicholas can't quite figure out why he isn't able to 'switch off'. Maybe Danny can help?
Prompt: July 3, # 34: Hot Fuzz, Nick/Danny: Turning off, Turning on - "Show me how"
A/N: Beta'd by the ever so kind aflaminghalo, although I made a few changes after it came back so all errors are my own! Also, apologies for the over-used plot device and that it isn't more smutty.

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KnT - Pausa en el camino

Digital Devil Saga (Argilla/Jinana)

Title: A Break
Artist: daniela_lynx
Fandom: Digital Devil Saga 1
Rating: PG-13
Word count: None. Fanart.

Prompt: 56. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, Argilla/Jinana: Up against a wall - "What we need".

Notes: I'm really really sorry! This was a prompt for July 2nd, but my scanner decided to die in a bad moment. *sigh* Also? My backgrounds fail \o/

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[Early To the Party] July 4th: D. Gray-man, "Hidden"

Fandom: D. Gray-man, Tyki Mick/RaviRabiLaviWhatever
Author: nagaina_ryuuoh
Prompt: 7. D.Grayman, Tiki Mick/Rabi: Beloved enemies - "Considering your job you could take either side and still be doing it."
Date: July 4th, posted early on the grounds that I doubt I'll get anywhere near a computer tomorrow.
Rating: Rish, for smut of a non-explicit but definitely described nature, plus A for Angst, S for Sap, W for Woe, and B for Tyki's occasionally bugfuck internal narration.
Warnings: Spoilery for recent (i.e., Chapters 120 - 123) of the manga; contains rampant baseless speculation RE possible future events deriving therefrom. I tried to avoid discussing too many specifics, but some things are vaguer than others.
Author's Notes: I tried to make this goofy, lighthearted, and somewhat cheerful; it refused. Completely. Instead, it preferred to be disturbing and kinky and almost entirely from Tyki's POV. Plot also kept intruding despite my best efforts, as did my current fetish for pretentious pseudo-Victorian verbiage. Still, I hope the list enjoys.

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Howl -- owie.

Darkness and Light (Reishin/Kouyuu)

Title: Darkness and Light.
Author: cairnsy
Rating: NC-17 (very briefly)
Warnings: Quasi-incest.
Word count: 2549.
Summary: Houju and Reishin have tea, Kouyuu falls in a pond. Things snowball from there. Reishin/Kouyuu.

A/N: Guh. It's still July 2nd somewhere, right? My springkink stories were all typed on my laptop which officially died yesterday, and so I'm writing things all over again in a mad dash and it really, really shows. The beginning of this is especially rushed, but the whole thing in general is pretty terrible. I'm very, very sorry. If my laptop comes up ok and I sdon't lose everything on it, I'll post the very different original fic for this challenge as well if I'm allowed to.

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Weiss Kreuz: Crawford/Schuldig

Title: A Healing Touch
Author/Artist: wk_recomend aka: D
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex and a yowling cat in heat. ~_^
Word count: 1009
Summary: Just how overwhelming are animal instincts...to both parties?
A/N: A cop-out title, I apologize, but I came up with the title as a nod to a decent percentage of yaoi manga and doujinshi out there. ~_^

Prompt: Weiss Kreuz, Crawford/Schuldig: In Heat - Schuldig's shields are down and the neighbor's cat is in heat.
Also, beta'd by the awesome indelicateink

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Bardicsidhe - Ewan McGregor

The Dresden Files (Book Series) (Thomas/Susan)

Title: Smile For Me, Baby
Author/Artist: bardicsidhe
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Nudity and nongraphic depiction of heterosexual sex

A/N: Written for the following request:
Thomas/Susan: Shower sex - "yeah, she is a whole new tradition/I feel it in my heart"

So finishing this piece was basically hell. *wry* I'd done numerous sketches of both characters to try and get a good feel for them - and while I'm satisfied with Susan, I'm not terribly pleased with how Thomas turned out. I have a major crush on Susan, and I hope I did her justice. She's no big-boobed bimbette, and I did my best to give her beauty without falling on the usual pornographic stereotypes (though the thought of drawing her as a traditional pinup has crossed my mind). I was down to the wire on this one - not as much detail as I wanted, plus I'm a total novice at drawing any kind of sex, so the objective was to draw a scene that didn't feel stilted, wooden or posed. ...I hope I managed at least something close to that.

The lyrics, as I found out, are from Deep Purple's "Woman From Tokyo." After listening to that on loop for about a week while I worked on this piece, Susan damn well HAD to have a grin on.

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[SE] Soul&amp;Maka - summer heat

Kingdom Hearts 2 (Sora/Riku/Kairi)

Title: The Problems With Divine Interference, 1 of 2
Author: reversedhymnal
Rating: R in this part
Warnings: VIOLENCE
Word count: 8,270~ in this part
Summary: Nothing ever goes according to plan.
A/N: The first 20 pages of what's closing in on 40 pages. Can't finish it all in time, so here you go. Excuse me for the raping of any and all greek mythology. Have a good read, ♥ I'll get back to you on that title, :3

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KnT - Pausa en el camino

Digital Devil Saga (Lupa/Gale)

Title: Not Coming Back
Author: daniela_lynx
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None. Spoilers of the first game, if you don't know who Lupa is.
Word Count: 1389

Prompt: 56. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, Lupa/Gale: Having ability to touch restricted - "I'm too weary to rest since I noticed coming second best is close to ideal."

A/N: ^__________^ Just finished it, five minutes before the deadline!

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Fullmetal Alchemist (Roy/Riza)

Title: Rediscovery (title will probably change before I'm done)
Author: Jason A. Stevens
Rating: PG (at least these first two chapters)
Warnings: None really, yet (aside from crossdressing)
Word count: 1,408 (Chapter 1), 1,479 (Chapter 2), 2,887 (So far)
Summary: Cross dressing - Roy wears the miniskirt
A/N: Couldn't get it finished in time, but here's what I've got so far. Started simple and then it just grew. So be it. Chapters 1 and 2 below, and the rest should be done by the end of the month, though more than likely by mid-month.

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I apologize once again for its not being complete!