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Candlelit [Homestuck, Slick/Snowman, PG-13]

Title: Candlelit
Author: purplekitte
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: violence, blackrom, genderswap femmeslash
Word Count: 200
Prompt: Sept 15; Homestuck, girl!Slick/Snowman; candlelit hate-date - The Felt and the Crew will be brawling in the street in five minutes, but for now, this is almost sorta nice

You are Snowman. You are an impeccable dresser. Your stomach hurts.

Pull switchblade out of stomach.

You would, but that would make you bleed more and would mean admitting to Spades Slick that you care.

Take a bite of your dinner instead.

Your dinner is very good, around the blood in your mouth. You think you recognize the chef from before your exile, which is not making your mood or your disposition to Slick improve.

Observe SS

Slick is glaring at you and sawing at her steak as though it might still be alive and she wants to fix that. She is not an impeccable dresser.

Feel classy and superior to SS

You always feel that way.

Laugh as Trace punches SS from ten minutes in the future

Slick pulls a gun. You know she will be using it on Trace in ten minutes, not on you. Not to mention other people before then.

Remind SS her food is getting cold

Slick sits back down. Crime must not be paying well.

The Felt and the Midnight Crew will be brawling in the street in five minutes, but for now, this is almost sorta nice.

You really must remember to kidnap the chef and take him back to the Felt Mansion.

Get revenge on JN… you mean SS

You are Snowman. Of course you do.



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