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Title: We’re All Friends Here <3
Author: purplekitte
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: references to violence, light novel spoilers (till at least 6 or 7)
Word Count: 200
Prompt: Sept 15; Durarara, Mikado/Kida/Anri: beware the “normal” ones - threaten his girlfriend and he’ll stab you with a pen, threaten his boyfriend and he’ll set you on fire
Author's Note: I suck at writing chat-speak, so not really even trying

Kanra: Did anyone hear about what happened to those yakuza scouts from Shibuya?

Setton: I heard they were barely recognizable as human

Setton: anymore

Setton: from a doctor

Tanaka Tarou: They’re dead?! That’s terrible.

Kanra: I know! It’s so scary.

Kanra: I wonder why.

Setton: I heard they were asking around about Saika.

Saika: Eh??

Saika: But they didn’t look like Saika’s mo, did they, or more people would have been talking about it.

Setton: I guess that’s true.

Kanra: I heard they were looking for the old leader of the Yellow Scarves.

Kanra: Looking for ways to track him

Tanaka Tarou: So you think it was the Yellow Scarves?

Saika: I thought they’d broken up again.

Setton: I haven’t seen them displaying colors in Ikebukuro.

Kanra: Maybe it was the Dollars?

Tanaka Tarou: The Dollars don’t do things like that.

Tanaka Tarou: Maybe the Blue Squares didn’t like seeing them in Ikebukuro.

Saika: They have been really active again lately.

Kanra: Wah!

Kanra: Gangsters are so scary.

Kanra: What if I’m next?!

Tanaka Tarou: Why they go after you Kanra-chan

Tanaka Tarou: for no reason?

Tanaka Tarou: unless they thought you were a threat to someone they care about?

Kanra: You’re right!

Kanra: I just like having fun and asking questions among friends.

Setton: Be careful though, everyone, walking around alone.

Setton: It must have been a real monster to leave them in the state they were in.

Saika: Yeah!

Saika: They couldn’t even show it on the news.

Tanaka Tarou: Yeah, it must have been!

Tanaka Tarou: btw, local group, we’re still on for dinner tomorrow night, so be careful coming over.

Saika: Yay

Saika: Did our other friend rsvp then?

Kanra: Get a private chat guys ;D




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