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Title: Real Friends
Author: purplekitte
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: references to violence, light novel spoilers
Word Count: 705
Prompt: Sept 5; Durarara, Shinra/Izaya: not admitting to their relationship - “No, you can’t come over. I’m having hot pot with my new, real friends.”
Author's Note: I still feel uncomfortable writing Izaya right, particularly from his pov, so I hope it came out okay.

Dear Shinra,

I am having a party tomorrow night for my friends. Therefore, you are not invited.

Love, Izaya

“Celty,” Shinra wailed, “Izaya’s still mad at me and I feel so bad about it. I shouldn’t have been such a terrible friend when he was in the hospital.”

“It’s Izaya,” she typed back.

“But he still has feeling and I hurt them! Now he says we’re not friends anymore!”

“Did he admit you were friends before?”

“Celty! I must make it up to him somehow. Please help me.”

“Fine. For you.”

* * *

Izaya’s date was late and he was annoyed that he might be wasting his valuable time. It was supposed to be a business meeting with a yakuza boss’s widow, but maybe he could salvage the night be convincing that shy waitress that she could heal his broken heart. He waited till she was looking at him, didn’t meet her eye, and sighed into his glass loudly.

He didn’t look up at the clatter behind him (after all, there was no shout of “IZAYA” or rattling of drinks in a vending machine and this was Ginza, not Ikebukuro), until Shinra stumbled into view and into the other seat, still apologizing to the waiters he had bumped into.

“Oh, it’s you.” His mind whirled. “Here to desperately beg me to forgive you and be your friend?”

“I’m sorry, Izaya. We really don’t have many friends in common these days so it’s hard when throwing a party, but that’s no excuse.”

“I’m not desperate to join your little circle. I have my own friends. Hence, we are having our own party. A moment of boredom in the hospital doesn’t mean I’m anxious for your company.”

Shinra was easy to underestimate. He was silly and eccentric and slumped in a wrinkled and oversized lab coat and then he asked, “What happened to the men who hospitalized me?”

I put them in Tokyo Bay. Izaya realized he had frozen for an instant and forced himself to not give anything away. “Why would I care?”

“Remember last time I got--”

“Still caught up in the past, Shinra? You’re the only one.”

Izaya stood up. He didn’t want to hear that the man who would sometimes ignore him would still take a bullet for him any day. Certainly not in public. “Your being here indicates that enough distractions are taking place that all my poor secretary’s schedules for tonight are ruined.” Not that he ever kept to such a thing. “Whatever shall I do?”

He didn’t even have the amusement of walking out on the bill for more than some wine he hadn’t drunk. And Shinra was still following him. “Maybe I’ll go see Shizu-chan to continue this nice school reunion.” It did seem like a good idea. Dangerous to life and limb, but clean and uncomplicated fun.

Shinra grabbed him by the collar. It was a weak, Shinra-grip he could easily break, but he should be quicker than that, not let anyone catch him. His brain just found Shinra to be so unthreatening no matter what he did. Weakness.

“You can come over anytime. Call me if you ever need a doctor. Call me if you ever need a friend.”

I will make you regret sentimentalism, pity, or giving me an inch, Izaya promised himself. Shinra was so close he could feel his breath on his face, smell old blood and fresh antiseptic.

He considered pushing him back into a wall and kissing him breathless, just to mess with him. He found himself not doing it, because Shinra was staring at him with such open, shining eyes and he didn’t even want to look at him. How had he not managed to drive this man away yet? Why didn’t he want to?

He turned away, then turned back smiling. “Ah, Shinra, so serious. I’ll be magnanimous and you’ll just have to live with the fact I forgave you even when you didn’t deserve it, when you came to regret being callous because being a good friend would have inconvenienced you.”

“Izaya! I’m so glad we’re friends again!” Shinra grabbed him and sobbed happy tears into his nice shirt.

Izaya wondered what he’d done to deserve this.




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