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Title: Pity
Author: purplekitte
Rating: PG
Warnings: slight spoilers for the Magical World arc
Word Count: 327
Prompt: Sept 10; Mahou Sensei Negima, Evangeline/Nagi: reunion - “Just shut up and hold me.”

Her arms were tight around him, which was only the lesser half of what she wanted, but it would do. Her stupid student had brought his father back and Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell had never been one to deny herself what she wanted, even if the cost was as high as her pride.

“It’s been awhile, Evangeline. How have you been? Negi tells me you’ve been training him, not that I wouldn’t have recognized your Magia Erebea techniques.”

She could ignore his yammering as long as she could rest her head against his chest and hear the beat beat beat of his heart and the rush of his blood beneath skin and clothes. Nagi…

Evangeline stumbled in place from the shockwaves of Jack Rakan slapping Nagi on the back enthusiastically. Nagi tried to turn away to return his attention to his reunion with Ala Rubra.

Her arms tightened around him and she held on like a burr. Light as she was, the unexpectedness of her weight still clinging to him made Nagi stop short.

He can damn well notice me, she thought. He came back for Arika, he came back for Negi, but if he’s not going to come back for me, I’m damn well not letting him go in the first place.

“Eva, are you… crying?”

“No!” Wait, was she? Maybe she was, with everything she wanted in front of her and he still didn’t care about her, still didn’t love her.

His arms wrapped around her, his body solid and real against her. Not a dream. Not a fantasy. Nagi.

“Hey, I guess you really missed me. We can have a rematch whenever now. I suppose I’ll remove some of the restrictions I put on your magic since you’ve learned your lesson. You’re such a cute--”

“Just shut up and hold me, jerk.”

She wanted to feel this for a moment longer. She would take pity if it would get her closer to him.



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