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Bound [Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Braig/Aqua, NC-17]

Title: Bound
Author: crysiana
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Feb 19: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Braig/Aqua: immobilization or helplessness - It felt like she was back in the cursed coach.
Warnings: Rape. Spoilers through all of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
Summary: Aqua wakes up in a strange place, and Braig is ready to take advantage.

She woke to darkness. Her arms were bare, pinned behind her back and bound from her wrists halfway up her arms. Her hands were already tingling a bit; unless she could get her arms free, they'd be numb soon. Cuffs on her ankles - her boots were missing as well - pulled her legs apart, and Aqua flushed at the picture she had to present. The cuffs didn't look like they had any lock to speak of; it seemed like they were solid metal linked into the chains. Aqua arched up off her arms, at least, and peered into the gloom around her. She wouldn't be able to call her armor, but it didn't seem like this was Darkness with a capital D, just a darkened room.

All at once, light flooded the space, and she shut her eyes, but when she opened them again all she could see were bright red splotches. "Who's there?" She demanded. It was awkward, but she shifted her weight again.

A shadow blocked the light as someone leaned in over her. She scowled at the shadow. A finger traced the top of her stockings on the inside of her thigh, and cold dread settled in her chest. "Hey," the figure says, and it's a cheerful male voice. He's got gloves on, and his thumb is working its way underneath the top of her stocking. "So, I heard there was a pretty girl all wrapped up here."

"Take your hands off me," Aqua said firmly. She shifted her arms; she couldn't even kick the man from this angle, but she could try to do something.

The man snapped her stocking against her leg. "Don't be so grumpy. We're all friends here."

"I am not your friend." Aqua snapped. She tried to pull her legs closed, but the chains kept her from doing anything but flexing her knees a bit. "Do you always hold women prisoner down here?"

A hand settled on her breast. "Next to never," the man admitted. Even with the light behind him, she was starting to be able to see his face, a black eyepatch against lighter skin. "That's why you're a huge treat. Not the one I asked for, but the old man says I gotta wait for a keyblade. For now, I just get a bit of a bonus. I have to say, if I knew he gave bonuses like you, I wouldn't have minded so much about the eye."

Aqua squirmed under the touch, her face heating. "I'm not yours."

The man took her straps off and opened up her shirt. "Don't get me wrong; you're a terrifying warrior, but I'd be a lot more impressed if you didn't have your arms trapped behind you and your legs spread like a whore." He shifted away and she heard him stripping off his gloves. The hand that undid the clasp of her bra was warm and dry, and then a thumb was ghosting over her nipple.

Aqua hissed, squirming again. They were calloused hands, different from...a swordsman's...but a familiar sort of touch. Her body knew how to react to a touch like that, and a sick feeling fluttered in her belly when her nipples hardened as he teased them. Aqua bit her lip. This man wasn't Terra. Or...anyone she'd ever speak with or associate with, ever.

"I guess I'd just get bitten if I tried to kiss you," the man said. He squeezed her breasts lightly. "It's a shame, but I have to live with some disappointments." He bent his head to suck at one of her breasts, and Aqua couldn't keep a moan from escaping. His laugh against the wet skin made her shiver. She jerked her arms, trying to get something behind her to give, but it was as if they were encased in iron. All she could do was shift a little, but it wasn't enough to escape the wet kisses he trailed across her chest and down her belly.

He stopped at the top of her skirt, sitting back on his heels to look at her, and Aqua took a deep breath to steady herself. His eye - the one he had left - was brown-gold, his hair was dark, and his grin was the naughty smirk of a little boy. "...I met you before," she said. She felt her eyes widen. "I fought you."

The man laughed. "Good to be remembered. Now, I was gonna ask you - if you want, I can unchain your legs if you'll give me a blowjob. Or I can keep you like this, all trussed up. I don't think you're getting much of anything out of this right now."

For a moment, she couldn't speak. It was a losing choice either way - and he knew that, he knew that, but if she could move her legs...if she weren't chained to the walls she could kick him and run to somewhere that wasn't a tiny dungeon room to get her arms free. "I...I want you to unchain my legs."

She watched him as he eyed her face, and her heart sank when he snorted. "Yeah, no thanks." He untied her skirt. "I'm not really in the mood to get kicked in the crotch," he said conversationally. He gripped her shorts for a moment, then seemed to change his mind, pulling out a knife to cut them off cleanly, and her panties as well.

Aqua bit her lip, painfully aware of what he'd said earlier; her legs were spread wide and he could see everything. She jerked her legs instinctively, but they couldn't move any more than they had earlier. All she could do was watch as he reached down to push two fingers into her. A flush creeped up her face again; even though she hadn't wanted a bit of it, she could feel that she was starting to get wet. Another betrayal by her body.

"See, there's some good luck for you," he said. "Won't be going in dry." He smiled lazily at her and pulled his fingers free, reaching down to undo his pants. He was already erect, she could see, and if he wasn't as large as...other people, she wasn't going to comment. Not now.

He braced his hands against her shoulders, forcing her down onto her arms, and thrust in, and it burned. She made a choked, pained sound when she'd have rather made no sound at all, but he kept thrusting, almost lazily, as if he could take all day. His hand slipped between their bodies, and that was sick, she thought, to touch her while he put his penis in her, sick for him to suck at her breast again and stroke between her legs until she shuddered her way to orgasm.

Her bonds wouldn't let her body relax, afterwards, and she was glad of it, that she didn't sag as he came inside her, that she couldn't relax as he pulled out and buttoned himself up again and retrieved his gloves. He tugged the gloves on and tipped her chin up so that she had to look in his face. "I'll be back to let you out later," he said, and his grin blossomed at the confusion on her face. "There are a few other lonely guys here, and it's only fair to give them a heads up, but after that, you'll be free to go."

He turned away, strolling towards the door as she thrashed against her bonds again. "Don't run off now," he called cheerily. The door shut, leaving her in darkness again.
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