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Rise of an Empire (Hetalia, Rome/Ancient Greece/Ancient Egypt, NC-17)

Title: Rise of an Empire

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

Pairing: Ancient Greece/Ancient Egypt, Rome/ Ancient Greece/Ancient Egypt

Rating: NC-17 for lesbian sex plus threesome

Prompt: Fic- February 12- Axis Powers Hetalia; Rome/(Ancient) Egypt/(Ancient) Greece; threesome; the conquerer is conquered

Summary: Rome falls for Greece at first sight. Egypt is jealous and wants in on it, too.

Word Count: 1,027


He first saw her on the field of battle, leading her armies against him. She was a strong, fierce woman with fire in her belly, unafraid of any man that might stand up to her, sending row after row of helmeted soldiers in his direction. By some upset, however, he had won and conquered her land.

She resented him at first, since she already had a lover- the country she herself had conquered. Ancient Egypt was a little goofy at times, but she was loyal to her mistress Greece, and quite bright; she had taught the other nation about astronomy and mathematics, and, in gratitude for their mixture of learning, Greece had built a wondrous library for her lover at Alexandria.

But the more she was under his rule, she, as well as Egypt, felt as if they could open up to their conqueror more. He was rather silly, not in the same eccentric way Egypt was (who else would think the Universe was masturbated into existence and that Hell was a giant hippopotamus!), but in a fun-loving, wine-drinking, bawdy-song singing manner. But Rome, far from being the victorious conqueror, was falling for Greece- hard.

He had already taken to worshiping her gods (though he changed their names so it would be easier for him to pronounce), reading her philosophers (they had some interesting ideas- he laughed when he read the story in Plato's Symposium about the origin of mankind as three globular genders), and absorbing her culture in general (though he still remembered his Latin and Sabine roots).

One day he was sitting beneath an olive tree, guffawing to himself about a dirty joke he'd heard. Greece, having never heard a man laugh like that in her life, walked up to him, curious.

“What's so funny?”

“You look cross!”


“Well, there was this story I heard about this slave-boy whose ass got fucked so hard it never went back to its original shape! Not even the gods could cure him!”

Greece looked down and blushed, usually quite unlike her. “I...I love you.”


“I've never met a man who likes the idea of two men together as much as I do! Though I personally would rather see a bearded man covered in oil rubbing his shaft between the smooth, innocent thighs of a boy...” Her eyes glazed over, lost in the sensuous fantasy of her own thoughts. “And Hera is such a bitch, she should have let Zeus' true love for Ganymede shine through! Women really aren't worth anything in love!”

“But...aren't you a woman?”

“Yes, and though it pains me, I have much more in common with Athena than with Hestia or any of those girly stay-at-home broads. I guess that's why she's my capital's patron goddess.”

“I see then.” Rome turned on his womanizing charm. “Well, I hope we can take this somewhere. I mean, in the bedroom, and...”

“Hold on.” Egypt was overhearing the whole conversation from behind a building. She just stared blankly at Rome, tore off the upper part of her tunic, exposing her breasts, and said, “If you take her, you take me too. It's a package deal. I'm not leaving her alone with some guy.”

Rome choked on his wine and tried to look away from Egypt's chest. “Ahahaha... funny.”

“I insist. Take me now.” Egypt just walked over to Rome as if she were in some kind of trance, grabbed him, and kissed him on the mouth. “There. Now you can have her.”

“Come on, Egypt, we can't share a guy!”

“We shared each other.”

“But that's different!”

“Oh really?” Egypt walked over to Greece just as nonchalantly as she did to Rome, and pulled off Greece's tunic, but all the way. She took one of Greece's nipples in her mouth and started to suck while her fingers worked towards her clitoris. Lifting her face from Greece's breasts, she simply stated, “It's not that different, really. Maybe you just need me to make a pessary of crocodile dung and honey so you won't get pregnant and...”

“No, that's fine!” Greece stopped her protests when Egypt kissed her and again started working her magic on her body.

Rome, just standing there stupefied, had to concede that this was one of the hottest things he'd ever seen in his life. “I had no idea two women could do that!”

Greece looked at him between moans. “I- aahhnn- knew this gal Sappho- ahh!- and she taught me a lot...” Egypt just kept eyeing Rome, her tongue going down lower on Greece's body, until she was sucking her clitoris and had two fingers inside of her.

Rome's cock ached against his armor. He had to get in on this, and fast.

He stripped completely, ran over to where the two women were making love, and yelled, “I hope you don't mind!”

“Not at all! Your dick's a nice size, really,” Greece said as she started to lick the tip.

Rome grunted as Greece (who, he thought, knew a little too much about the male anatomy) took the whole thing in her mouth and began to suck in earnest as Egypt kept licking at her, moving her head around to get a better angle as Greece shifted her weight on her knees, while Egypt touched herself. Rome just kept thinking that this was the luckiest day of his life- well, except for that day when he was a baby and he was found and nursed to health by a she-wolf- and got ever closer to orgasm the more he watched Greece suck him off and Egypt pleasure Greece.

The three of them ultimately came together, as conquered nations are wont to do, and Greece swallowed every drop of Rome's semen.

Unsteady on her feet from orgasm, Greece hugged Rome and said, “It's a pleasure to know you.”

“Yeah, me too,” Egypt agreed.

Rome smiled. “You ladies are all right.”

In a short time, the heart of the conqueror had been conquered.


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