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We're starting fresh once again this round. All unfilled prompts from the previous round will be discarded unless you throw it back in the pot (if you're dying to see it claimed or would like to claim it yourself).

Mini-FAQ (in detail FAQ available here)

Who can participate?
Anyone age 18 and over.

How does it work?
You'll be asked to submit as many prompts as you'd like to the challenge.

To submit a prompt please leave a comment to this post using the following format - a number (pick from 1 to 28); fandom, pairing/threesome or moresome: a kink/cliche or fannish trope - a phrase/word/idea/lyric

Ex. 19; Sex Pistols, Yonekuni/Shiro: Claiming or establishing ownership (private or public; by gesture, word, or ritual; with sex; with a collar and leash; with scent-marking or by biting) - I could bring you so much pleasure.

[Please remember to format your prompts as we've indicated above. This will make the prompt gathering for the claim post a great deal easier for your mods. Thank you!]

There's no limit to the number of prompts you can submit and submitting them does not obligate you to participate.

One last detail - anonymous comments will not be added to the prompt list, so please log in under your username!

What happens to the requests?
All will be gathered and posted to a master list.

How do I sign up?
We'll gather all prompts and list them under specific days in March. Prompts can be claimed a total of six times (three for fic and three for art).

How many words am I expected to write?
The minimum is 100 and there is no max.

Round XI Schedule
Prompt Submission begins October 24, 2010.
Prompt Submission period ends on November 11, 2010.
Prompt List goes up November 13, 2010.
Claiming begins on November 20, 2010, 10 AM EST.
Posting begins on February 1st and ends on February 28th.

All comments will be screened. Bring it on!

And just a second reminder as these are the two most frequent mistakes with prompting; don't forget to be signed in (anonymous prompts will not be added to the final prompt list) and to include a number between 1 and 28 at the beginning of your prompt.


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Oct. 24th, 2010 10:27 pm (UTC)
I know. *g* I thought long and hard about it before I settled on the month of February. I just figured that with Nano and Yuletide (and other holiday ficathons or exchanges), that participants would need more time to get their claims done. I would've set it for January, but I thought that some could possibly be burnt out from all their holiday fannish commitments. I just didn't want to inconvenience anyone.
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Nov. 12th, 2010 12:27 am (UTC)
Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. Don't put the prompt back in; just go ahead and post your fill when the new round begins.
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