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A Little Sugar (Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed/Winry)

A Little Sugar
Author - cornerofmadness
Fandom- Fullmetal Alchemist
Disclaimer – so not mine, all rights belong to Ms. Arakawa
Pairing – Ed/Winry
Rating – NC-17
Prompt - Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward/Winry: Oral fixation – Lollipop
Warning- heavy petting
Word Count – 1,621
Time line/Spoilers – post series fic spoilers for everything past chapter 100
Summary – He had such an oral fixation and she had plans to use that.
Author’s Note – I rushed a little. If you see any errors, let me know

* * *

“He’s doing better than expected but I don’t see why you care?” Ed told his brother. Ed was curled up on the window seat, sucking on a lollipop as he talked to his brother. Al had been huddled up in Pinako’s guest room for a week, resting in those long stretches between the times his skeletal-thin body was forced into regular exercise by the granddaughter-grandmother team of sadists as he called them.

Winry liked helping Al, even though he did get temperamental when pushed. At this point, she was just glad the counter measure had restored her and the rest of the country to life. She had no memories of briefly being gone except for a crowded nothingness filled with howls that sometimes haunted her sleep.

Al demanded reports on everyone involved with action and had insisted on going to his father’s funeral yesterday. Winry was more than happy to pass on the information she had but that was limited. Ed had more access to information and Winry was more than willing to let him do all the talking. She was content to watch his mouth ravish the lollipop. Winry wondered if Ed even realized he was happiest with something shoved in his mouth, that he could be counted on to be wandering around with some kind of food on a stick dangling from his lips. Winry had a few ideas of where he could put that busy mouth of his next.

“Brother, the colonel did a lot to help us. Of course, I’m concerned with how he’s doing,” Al protested.

“He got his sight back when you got your body. It was far too late for me and Izumi so I don’t see where the bastard gets to whine about what happened to him,” Ed huffed.

“He could still lose his hands.”

“Winry will make him new ones.” Ed pulled the lollipop out of his mouth, gesturing at her with it. “But he’ll ask for all the specials and probably would want the metal engraved in a manner befitting his greatness.”

“Or at least with his array.” Al laughed but it turned into a yawn.

The lollipop got jammed back into the corner of Ed’s mouth. “Al, you need to rest. Winry and I can come back later.”

“I don’t have to sleep every time I yawn, Ed.” Al glared at his brother.

“You look exhausted,” Winry said. “You probably could use the sleep.” She didn’t really think Al needed babying as much as Ed seemed to think. She wanted to get Ed alone and if Al had to take an extra nap, so be it. She grabbed Ed’s arm, hauling him out of the room. “We’ll talk to you later, Al.”

Winry hauled a startled Edward down the hallway. She had every intention of wrestling him into her bedroom.

“Winry, don’t pull so hard.” Ed tugged back against her.

He’d have to do better than that. She was strong and determined and knew Ed just required a bit of prodding. “Walk faster then.”

“What’s the rush?”

“Granny’s out for the day.”


Winry stopped. “You’ve been tormenting me all afternoon,” she said and his confused look deepened. She plucked the lollipop out of his mouth.


Winry lathed her tongue around the lollipop and his pupils dilated. “See what I mean?” She rubbed it against her pursed lips. “I’ve been watching you sucking and tonguing this damn thing forever.” She flicked the pink tip of her tongue over the strawberry lollipop, watching color rise up in his cheeks. “Can’t you think of something better to use your mouth on?” Winry knew she had his attention now. Between Granny’s and Garfiel’s stories, she knew teenaged boys didn’t need much coaxing. Ed’s gathering interest was already showing against his pants.

“Oh…” A huge smile crossed his face. “Do you have any suggestions?”

Winry tugged him into her bedroom, locking the door behind them. Her hands went around his neck, lollipop dangling from her fingers. Winry nipped his chin. Ed dipped his head, his lips meeting hers. He tasted like strawberries. Winry’s arms tightened around Ed’s shoulders as she drove her tongue into his mouth, exploring, tasting. Ed’s hands roamed over her back, familiarizing themselves with her topography.

“Mm, Winry, stop,” he murmured, easing her back.

“Why?” She brushed her lips against his, felling how hard he was. “You seem to like this.”

“Uh,” he groaned at that bit of friction. “You’re getting the lollipop in my hair.”

Laughing, Winry took a step back, brandishing the lollipop. “This? You can’t transmute a little sugar?” She teasingly pursed her lips around it.

Ed’s mouth met hers over the sticky confection, making her giggle. This time, Winry broke the kiss. Sitting on her bed, she slowly unbuttoned the top few buttons of her blouse. Winry licked the lollipop again, then trailed it down her breast bone with slow deliberation. Wide gold eyes followed the bright red globe as it moved over her pale skin. Winry outlined the gentle rise of her breasts before Ed made his move.

He took her in his arms – one warm and the other cool and familiar under her touch. Ed’s wide tongue lapped over her sticky skin, removing all traces of the strawberry-sugar trail.

Her whole body tingled, a radiant warmth spreading through her from its epicenter deep inside her. Winry shifted her hips, feeling a growing wetness between her legs. She unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, shrugging it off. Ed sat back just studying her. Winry’s nipples jutted out against the soft fabric of her bra. She needed to see his skin so she set the lollipop on the edge of the nightstand. Catching the hem of his shirt, she tugged it off quickly.

“Ow, Winry, not so fast. I need my nose,” Ed whined.

“Sorry,” she said unrepentantly, her hands smoothing down his torso. Winry stopped, her breath catching. Under her fingers was a horrible scar, like something had burst out of Ed. “Ed….”

He captured her fingers, dropping a kiss on them. “Later, Winry. I’ll tell you later, promise.”

Winry saw something almost fragile and frightened in his eyes, something she had never really seen before. She wanted to know now but could feel the unasked question cooling her ardor. She would trust him to tell her at a more appropriate time.

Ed gathered her onto his lap, kissing her again. His hot hand smoothed up over her thigh and under her skirt. He stopped just short of her damp panties. Winry rocked forward onto his hand.

“Touch me,” she whispered.

He tried but it was obvious he wasn’t quite familiar with exactly what and where his fingers should be touching. Winry guided him a little, trying to ignore the blush that rose up his cheeks. To his credit, it didn’t take Ed long to figure out exactly what she wanted. Winry moaned low before kissing him again. She undid her bra, tossing it away.

Ed’s fingers stilled as his eyes seemed to cloud over at the vision of naked breasts. Without her having to tell him, Ed lipped one of her nipples. As his tongue and mouth toyed with the sensitive pearl of flesh, his fingers worked against her again. Winry smothered a sharp cry against his living shoulder, her toes curling. Another wave rolled through her, leaving her leaning on Ed heavily.

His hand retreated and Ed nudged her a little. “Winry, you okay?”

She sat up, a dopey grin on her face. “Oh yeah, perfect.”

He shot her a confused look but didn’t argue as she swung off him. Winry tugged on the button to his trousers. The zipper came down easy. Ed’s cock popped free of the confines of his pants. Ed gulped as she looked at it. “Winry…I don’t have any…”

“Me either.” She hadn’t imagined it would be quite this easy to get Ed out of his pants. Winry hadn’t planned that far ahead. Granny was right. Teenaged boys were nothing but hormones. Maybe Winry ought to start listening to the old lady. “We can do other things.”

Winry wasn’t sure she knew how to do other things but from the stories she had heard, it couldn’t be that difficult. She gave the head of his cock a tentative touch. So red it was nearly purple, it looked almost painful but the little groan escaping from Ed as she touched it didn’t sound like pain. Winry trailed a finger up the fat tortuous blue vein that stood up on the top of it, making a path back to his body.

With her other hand, she cupped his testicles, just to get the feel of them, as she gripped his cock with the other. To her surprise, it went off almost immediately, spattering her hand and the bed spread as Ed moaned. Well, she wasn’t expecting that much of a mess but she wasn’t going to tell Edward that. He might get embarrassed or upset.

“I guess you liked that touch,” she said, grinning.

Ed rested his head against her shoulder. “Sorry…I didn’t mean for it to be that fast but the way you had been sitting on me…that was amazing.”

“You made me very happy, too,” she assured him. “But we’d better clean up before Al wakes back up.”

“Mmmm,” he said, his eye lids heavy. “Now I’m the one who wants a nap…and I want to do this again.” A grin blossomed lazily over his face.

“You keep eating your lollipops like that, driving me nuts, I’m sure we will.” Winry laughed.

“I’ll go to the store and buy a dozen.” Ed smirked, lying back on the mattress.

Winry leaned down to kiss him. “You do that.”

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