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Opportunistic, FF7, Cloud/Tifa, R

Title: Opportunitistic
Author: jessicamariek
Rating: hard R
Warnings: voyeurism, after a fashion
Word count: 1405
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: Hard and Fast, secret interlude (in-game).
Summary: Yet another reason Yuffie absolutely loathes Malboros.
Note: Haven't been able to get in touch with my beta, so any mistakes are mine and mine alone. Hope you like it, prompter!

Ow. Ow ow ow. Damn Malboros.
Getting knocked out always blows, but it’s especially bad when what put you down is a great big gunk-covered tentacle. Waking up from that is even worse – damn things leave you paralyzed for a good half hour or so sometimes.
Sometimes, like now. Ugh.

“Just let her sleep it off, Tifa.” Cloud’s apparently standing somewhere to the left of my head (which is pounding, damn it, I should have brought aspirin or something) “You’ve gotten smacked by one of those before, just leave her be for half an hour and she’ll be fine.” Oh yeah, chocobo-head, go ahead and tell the girl with the Heal materia to stop helping me. You jerk.
“Maybe you’re right.” Tifa sighs and stops running her fingers through my hair – I hadn’t even noticed her doing that. Damn it, still can’t move. Note to self, call up Ifrit on the next stupid mutant artichoke I see, and have him turn it to dust and smoke. Damn Malboros. “I could use a rest myself, to be honest. That last one was close.” Tifa does sound sorta tired, to be honest.
“Mm.” Uh-oh. That’s the Cloud’s-thinking-something noise – never a very good sign, if you ask me. “You said she’ll be out of it for half an hour or so?”
“Maybe a little less. Why?”
“I’ve got some better ideas for how to use that time," he says, all low and growly and about a 2 out of 10 on the subtlety scale.
“Oh really?” Tifa obviously gets what he’s talking about. Ugh. “Again?”
“Better than napping, and yes, again. You don’t want me all over you, then maybe wearing that teensy little excuse for a skirt while you’re doing high kicks is a bit of a bad idea, hm?” She giggles and then the noises turn all sloppy and kissy and argh.

Oh sweet Shiva. Can’t these two think of anything else? I am RIGHT HERE! Alright, so they think I’m still off in slime-induced lala-land, but still.

“You sure the others won’t catch us?” Tifa’s already all breathy – sheesh, girl, he can’t be that good a kisser. Right?
…right. This is Cloud we’re talking about, after all. Cloud “Bad sense of humor, sword the size of a helicopter blade and hair like a chocobo’s ass” Strife, for pete’s sake. Not exactly Casanova.
“Sure. Cid’s back at the ship, and the other guys are over on the other side of the ridge.” He laughs a little. “Just try to be a little quieter than usual, huh?”
All of a sudden all those unexplained noises in the middle of the night get a lot more explained. Ack. Wonder if you can cast Esuna on your brain? And go figure, the first muscles that start working again are the ones around the eyes. Well, at least they have the class to go off a little, but that’s still an eyeful.

…not an entirely unpleasant eyeful, to be honest, though. All this fighting and running and beating things to a bloody pulp kinda makes you a hardbody, I guess. Apparently the fighting thing become a little instinctive after a while, though – they look more like they’re wrestling than fucking. And damn, one of these days I’m gonna steal all Cloud’s shirts and not give em back, because nobody with that many muscles should ever, EVER wear shirts. Besides, he looks good enough without one that any monster we come across would be way too distracted to attack. There, got a good excuse to get my eyecandy.

Tifa, on the other hand…well, Wutai’s a little more relaxed about certain things than everywhere else, so I guess I don’t have much a problem with admitting I’d switch teams for her. Especially when she’s all playful and topless like now, cracking jokes about “haha, I win” when she rolls on top and pins him to the ground. Frankly, I think they both win – that’s gotta be one hell of a view from where he’s at. And I think now I know why she likes those teeny-tiny little skirts so much – easy access for quickies. Wonder how many times they’ve done this before? There’s no freaking way this is the first time they’ve taken advantage of someone getting clocked by a nasty gungy tentacle and being out of commission for a while. I guess I really can’t complain too much – they’re kinda fun to watch. And Tifa’s finally gotten those funny-looking pants off him and, um, damn. No wonder she’s so noisy. He shivers when she runs her fingers down his shaft, then flips her over onto her back, shoves her skirt up that last few inches and kisses her hard. She groans and arches up against him as he pushes into her – fuck, that’s hotter than it should be.
“Gotta make this quick,” she says, threading her fingers through those silly blond spikes.
“Doesn’t mean we can’t make it good.” Geez, Cloud, can you get any more romance-hero cliché? He kisses her again, all deep and sloppy and geez, it’s gonna be tempting to tease them about this later. He slides one hand down between them, down between her legs and she squirms under him. They’re going hard and fast, almost violently – her fingernails are digging little marks into his shoulders, and he’s pounding into her hard enough that I wonder if I’ll be able to see bruises later. She’s panting and flushed, and digging her heels into the back of his legs so she can use the leverage to push herself even harder against him. Hm, gotta keep that tactic in mind myself – that looks fun. Argh, damn it, Yuffie, you should not be getting turned on by watching your friends having sex – that’s just plain weird. Doesn’t matter that they’re really really good at it, apparently – you should not be getting hot and bothered watching them. Telling myself this doesn’t really do much good, but I figure I kinda have to make the effort.

They weren’t lying about making it fast, apparently – she’s already getting close, gasping and pleading. Huh, who’d have thunk that the girl who can beat a monster into a little ball of pain with her fists would be the submissive one during sex. Go figure. One of my friends back home used to say that you could tell a lot about a person from their “o-face”, as she called it. Let’s see what Syan’s little theory says about these two. Tifa’s first, mouth open like she’s screaming but she’s quiet except for a few whimpers. Syan would have something to say about repression and inhibition, but I’m a little distracted by the fact that holy hell, it’s hot when she does that. He has his face pressed against her shoulder when he finishes, so I can’t snicker to myself about the inevitably hilarious expression he makes, but he’s noisier than she is – that long, choked groan that means that things were damn good. After a few minutes they get up, retrieve various articles of clothing and get dressed again. Um, crap, now I gotta act like I’ve been unconscious while they were doing that. This is gonna be interesting. Let’s see, what would a normal reaction to this situation be…

“Yuffie, you back with us yet?” Tifa comes over and puts one hand on my forehead. Since the headache hasn’t entirely gone away, the groan of ow-ow-THE-PAIN isn’t really feigned. “Guess that means yes,” she says, and I can hear the little bit of a smile. Oh yeah, laugh at my pain, you guys, go ahead. I’ll just set some sort of booby trap on your sleeping bags one of these days. Ahhhh, healing spells, that’s much better.
“Someday I am gonna find the son of a bitch who designed malboros and pop him one inna mouth,” I mutter, a little more slurred than I really should be at this point, but I gotta look like I’m still half out of it, I guess. Tifa smiles and finally finishes casting that damn heal spell – ahh, that’s better. Still, I can’t let them get away with that without at least a little ribbing. I wrinkle my nose just a bit dramatically. “Why does this place stink like sex?” Cloud chokes on whatever he’s drinking, and Tifa makes a cute little squeaky noise – haha, got you guys. I shake my head. “Actually, don’t answer that. Please don’t answer that.”
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