That's Not My Cat. (puddingcat) wrote in springkink,
That's Not My Cat.

Saiyuki (Sanzo / Gojyo / Hakkai)

Title: Candles
Author: puddingcat
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None. Bah.
Word count: 150
Summary: Voyeurism (one hidden, in secret to watch) - flickering candles.


He shouldn't have been shocked; he should have seen it coming.

He hadn't expected it to be so hypnotic, their bodies and scars near-abstract areas of light and shade as the breeze from the open window set the candles flickering. He hadn't expected his breathing to pick up the rhythm of Gojyo's steady rocking, or to wish for Hakkai to brush his hair back from where it had fallen forwards, hiding their expressions. He hadn't expected to find himself biting his lip as he stared, entranced by the quiet gasps and hums of pleasure. He hadn't expected the warmth that ran up his spine and made him press his palm against his cock where it pushed uncomfortably against his jeans.

He hadn't expected to enjoy watching.

He could have left, but leaving would have given them power over him, would make him admit they'd affected him. He chose to stay.
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