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Woman on top [Persona 4 - Naoto/Kanji, T]

Title: Woman on Top
Rating: T
Warnings: End game spoilers
Prompt: 11 - Persona 4 - Naoto/Kanji - messing with gender roles - It's a mixed-up muddled-up shook-up world.
Word count: 1,018
Summary: The Shiroganes can tell that Naoto's the one wearing the pants in their marriage.



By: Shirogane Raidou

My family consisted of my father, my mother, grandma and I.

My mother is very diligent. She gets up early every morning before she goes to work to prepare my breakfast and walk me to school. Mother is very smart. She told me that the Shirogane family roots can be traced back to the great Kuzunoha clan, who were famous devil summoners, great swordsmen, equally skilled with guns and gifted with investigation skills that goes as far back to the Heian era. I was named Raidou after my ancestors with hopes that I will get as brilliant as the great Raidou. Mom also made this watch that tells the distance between her and me. Most of time it say more than 250 m, because Mom is working away as a detective most of the time. Every time she comes home, she brings back evidences as souvenirs and detective stories of how she revealed a criminal’s planned murder and chased down the murderer to small, dark alleys and smelly sewers. Mom owns a gun that I once tried to test out on the wall of the house, but it missed and almost hit dad hit the picture of mom and dad’s wedding. I was sent to my room and couldn’t watch TV for a month after that, but sometimes Mom still slipped me some snack and dinner.

My father is very skilled. He also gets up early every morning to prepare mom’s lunch and mine before he goes to work at grandma’s place at Tatsumi Textile shop. Dad told me that my late great grandpa won the store from his cash deprived next-door neighbor over a game of mahjong after World War II, who then started the textile business. Because of that, dad can sew back my uniform’s button, and he also sewed mom’s wedding dress. He picks me up at school every afternoon and then we have lunch together with grandma at the store. Dad can make really nifty stuffed toys. My favorite is the pink alligator. A lot of people come to the shop to buy grandma’s fabric, but more people come to buy dad’s stuffed toy. Everybody always praised dad’s work.

I am very, very proud of my parents because unlike everybody else’s parents, they can summon personas with a card and used to run around in TV armed only with special glasses.

At about five o’clock in the afternoon we will go to Junes and meet Uncle Yosuke to buy some groceries for dinner. Dad said that Uncle Yosuke is very stingy for not giving us any discounts, but Uncle always gives me a lollipop if I told him he’s cool.

When we get home, dad will start making dinner and I will start making my homework. After finishing my homework, I have to solve a daily puzzle that mom gave me before dinner. She said it steemulaits my brain and makes me smarter. When Mom comes home in the evening, Dad will go greet her at the front door in his pink apron with a kiss and offered her a bath or dinner first. Sometimes dad offers himself to mom, and most of the times mom will blush and say ‘not in front of Rai-chan’, but when she thinks that I’m not looking, they’ll actually kiss at the front door.

Mom said that I’m smart for my age, but I still can’t figure out why they liked to get on top of each other. Sometimes mom and dad argue about who gets on top, but mom wins most of the time. Dad said that Mom’s favorite position is reverse cowgirl, but I really think Mom and Dad shouldn’t get on top of each other most of the time. That’s because I still like to sleep on mom and dad’s futon when I get bad dreams and I can’t really do that if they’re on top of each other.

When I told Grandma, she scolded Dad severely and told me I should be expecting a little brother and sister soon.

I really love my family, and I hope we’ll always be together.

The end.


Naoto put down her son’s homework and rubbed her chin thoughtfully before staring at her husband across the table. “You know, lately I kinda prefer girl on top.”

“That’s NOT the point!” a near histerical Kanji almost got up and slammed his fists violently on the dining room table. Well, if it wasn’t the middle of the night with a very high chance of waking up his son.

“Oh riiight, he misspelled ‘stimulate’. I’ll give him extra vocabulary lessons after school starting tomorrow.”

“It’s Parent’s visiting day! You should see the dirty look that the other parents are giving me--”

“Says the one who was arrested more than twice before high school graduation,” Naoto sighed, rubbing the back of her neck.

“The teacher considered calling the Social Services!”

“Under what charges? Neglecting or abusing children?”

“Illegal possession of firearm and corrupting the mind of a five-year-old with occultism!”

“Kanji, you’re going to wake up Rai-chan.”

He quickly threw a look at their son’s bedroom door, a combination of worry, desperation and sheer agitation had made it so he was red with rage. God, he was so close of grabbing the fold up chair and smash it into something again just for the sake of it. When no signs or sounds came from the other side of the door, he turned heatedly to his wife, who was stifling a yawn.

“I’m tired,” Naoto stated matter-of-factly, “can we do this tomorrow?”

Kanji was ready to put away his apron and damn it all about husband’s compassion as he watched Naoto retreating into their bedroom. Just then, she stopped at the doorframe and turned around to give him a look. ‘The look’. “I was thinking missionary tonight.”

Through the small camera he had planted on the dining room’s vase, Shirogane Raidou watched and scoffed as his father succumbed to The Look and The Magic Word and chased after his mother to their bedroom like a pre-pubescent student.
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