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Title: Meet Me in the Middle
Author: opalmatrix
Rating: E
Warnings: nothing much
Word count: : 4943
Notes: This was started more than two years ago for springkink IX (I miss springkink intensely! Where are the springkinks of yesteryear ... ?). The prompt was: Saiyuki: Hakkai/Gojyo, crossdressing, under the table and dreaming. Title from the America song:Sister Goldenhair: "Won't you meet me in the middle, won't you meet me in the end? Won't you love me just a little, just enough to show you care?" Beta read by smillaraaq. Thanks also to indelicateink for her impromptu "get something done this weekend" work sessions, which got me to finish this at last.
Summary: Hakkai has a not-so-little secret. He's beginning to wonder whether Gojyo has one, too.

Hakkai shut the mathematics textbook with a snap ... .

Title: Mark Of The Laguz
Series: post FE10
Character/pairing: Lethe/Jill, Skrimir, Ranulf (mentions of Kyza/Ranulf and Lyre/Ranulf)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 6050
Author's note: springkink: Fire Emblem, Jill/Lethe; mating for life, marking - Laguz do not play games with love. Jill gives herself and is claimed.

Title: Research Material
Author: Nanaki BH
Pairing: Josuke/Rohan
Words: 2,073
Summary: There had to be a reason Rohan was willing to suffer this many times just to get near him.
Prompt: Oct 6, 2007 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Rohan/Josuke - attraction despite mutual dislike - "Hate can be just as potent as love, didn't you know?"

I went back really far to find this prompt. I don't know if the original requester will even care now or even notice that I filled it, but I felt compelled to fill a JoJo prompt, so here you go. (And I may be really off-season here, but does anyone really mind? I hope not.)

>> read on LJ
>> read on AO3


Title: Not Three of A Kind
Author/Artist: evil_little_dog
Rating: Teen for implications
Warnings: Mentions of dub-con. Mentions of Winry’s pregnancy. Angst.
springkink Prompt: Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed/Winry/Ling: polyamory, bisexuality - Ed's just going to have to learn to share.
Word count: 3,150 (appx)
Summary: Winry really doesn’t want to be jealous of Ling.
Disclaimer: Arakawa might be horrified by the things I do with her characters.
A/N: I originally started writing this for the above prompt, then thought, “This isn’t right,” and wrote a PWP with sexy tiems for the prompt. However, I thought I might go back to this story, and see if I could write an ending to it. Consider this a sequel to my story, Up a Tree, or at least in the same universe. Thanks to cornerofmadness for her help in editing this story.

What do you think he said? He’s Edward Elric.Collapse )

To The Last (Fire Emblem, Lucia/Elincia)

Title: To The Last
Series: Fire Emblem
Character/pairing: Elincia/Lucia
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1300
Author's note: 30th - Fire Emblem, Elincia/Lucia; love confession on the battlefield - The risk is too great to stay silent for another moment.

Title: Broken Beams and Bloodied Ground
Author/Artist: leathansparrow
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nada
Summary: In the shattered aftermath of the Level 4's attack on the Order, Lavi realizes he's been doomed to care from the start. And he might be okay with that.
A/N: Prompt for May 25th: D.Gray-Man, Allen/Kanda/Lavi/Lenalee: seeking comfort in proximity - "Remind me that we'll always have each other, when everything else is gone."
I am so, so very late.

Allen Walker is insane.Collapse )
Title: Keepsake
Series: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Character/pairing: Elincia/Lucia
Rating: PG
Word count: 700
Author's note: 30th - Fire Emblem, Elincia/Lucia; complete, unquestioning devotion - Lucia lives and breathes to serve her Queen.

Spoilers for part two of RD.

(I finished this early, then forgot to post it it on time. Urk.)

Title: Relative Insanity
Author/Artist: leathansparrow
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nada
Summary: Allen's degrees of crazy hurt Lavi's brain. Somehow he likes it anyway.
A/N: Prompt for May 25th: Allen/Lavi: Strip Poker - "Allen Walker was clearly crazy."
I'm so sorry for the late. Real life has come to bludgeon me in the face.

Allen Walker is insane.Collapse )
Title: Wretched and Exalted
Author: eiviiaru
Rating: A pretty hard PG-13, maybe R depending on your sensibilities
Warnings: BDSM themes, some violence, mostly-unrequited pairing; Equius POV, with all that implies
Word count: 636
Summary: Even though it all went wrong, he'd stand before the Lord of Song with nothing on his tongue but "Hallelujah."
Prompt: Homestuck, Equius/Aradia: "She tied you to her kitchen chair, she broke your throne and she cut your hair, and from your lips she drew the halleluja" (jeff buckley recommended)
A/N: I'm really sorry this is so late! The prompt was for May 5th, but RL destroyed me this month. I also have a sneaking suspicion that this really wasn't what the prompt poster wanted, so I apologize for that. It's just what happened.

Wretched and ExaltedCollapse )



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